The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- What's the big deal?


This week marks the start of quite possibly the best sale of the year. I realized that sounds like an exaggeration, but if you have shopped it before, you know I'm right. I don't usually blog too much about sales, but this one is not one to miss. So what is it? What's the big deal?

Every year in July, Nordstrom has its Anniversary Sale. Like I said, if you are familiar with the sale, you know what I'm talking about, and this post will serve as your friendly reminder: "It's almost here!!!" But if you haven't shopped it before, let me tell you about all the fuss!

What is the Anniversary Sale?  This sale is unlike any other because not only are the prices massively discounted, but the merchandise is all new for fall! New fall shoes, clothes, hats, bags, accessories, kids' clothes, men's clothes, and beauty products, all on sale before they were ever full price. I honestly can't think of anything better in the middle of hot and humid July than a taste of my favorite season. Yes, it's still too hot to wear sweaters and boots, but getting a jumpstart on my fall shopping (at a huge discount!) makes the rest of the summer bearable. 
Anniversary Sale Early Access starts July 13.

Early Access- July 13
Public Access- July 21
Sale Prices End- August 7
 What is early access? First of all, the sale starts Thursday, July 13, for all Nordstrom cardholders. I realize "cardholder" sounds like a dirty word, but I highly recommend becoming one before Thursday. You can do it here. And you don't have to be a credit card holder. They have three card options, including a DEBIT CARD OPTION.  Update: There is no longer an option for new debit card holder. It's a quick process to apply. 
Unfortunately, if you don't have any kind of Nordstrom card, you can't login and shop the sale until a week later! And the bad part about waiting until public access is that things do sell out. The best deals, the cutest items always sell out early. 
With that introduction, here are my tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:
Make a list. Consider investment items that you've been wanting to add to your wardrobe. This sale is the best time of the year to buy something like a leather jacket, a new wallet, or a new handbag. Leather boots and designer jeans are other great investment pieces to add during this sale. Also look at items you want to replace in your closet such as leggings, sneakers, or a beauty blender. Those items are also always on sale. Last of all, leave a little room in the budget for fun and trendy items that catch your eye.
Shop online. While the sale is easy to shop in store (it's sectioned off throughout the store), it's EASIEST to shop online. You can narrow down your search very quickly, and since shipping is always free both ways, you can order as much as you want to try on at home. You can easily order multiple sizes and multiple options to see what really feels and fits the best. I'll be heading to the store and shopping online so I can try things on ASAP and give you my fastest and best recommendations. 
And speaking of recommendations, my last tip is to...

Get recommendations from people you trust. There are thousands of items on sale, and not all of them are cute or in my price range or my style. But as a blogger it's my job to comb through all the pages and share with you my favorites, my recommendations, and what I bought. I'll be sharing the shoes, clothes, jeans, and accessories that fit my style and my budget. 
Items I have purchased multiple years in a row....
  • My favorite leggings are always on sale and are worth every penny, whether on sale or full price!
  • These baby blankets are THE BEST blankets ever. Baker's are two years old, and they still look brand new. 
  • Beauty Blenders are also something I buy every year. Baker took a big bite out of the last one I bought, so I'm looking forward to buying another. :)

Here are some of my favorite items from last year's sale.

You can get a preview of sale items by going here and clicking on the Women's and Men's lookbook.
So that's that! I'll have a post bright and early Thursday morning with my first favorites, and then more posts after that with try-ons, reviews, and specific items. This is going to be fun!
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  1. I'm SO looking forward to your reviews and suggestions for the sale! I found your blog this time last year, when you reviewed the sale, and have been in love with your style, honesty and Nordstrom ever since!!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that! I think I've done an even better job this year at providing great honest reviews so I hope they help!

  2. It's so funny that Baker took a bite out of your BeautyBlender... my toddler just did the same thing! He was playing with it in his play kitchen since it looks like an egg, and the next thing I knew, there was a huge chunk missing!

    1. I know right! It was literally the first day I bought it! #laughingandcrying

  3. Kilee are those black pants and sweater from your header image still available? Or was that look. from last year?

    1. Those are both from last year's sale and both sold out. But those are the kind of things available every year! This year there is another great wrap sweater and some black jeans I LOVE!


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