The Best Beauty Buys- Anniversary Sale

My favorite things to buy from the Anniversary Sale are shoes, jeans and sweaters. But there are other items I like to sneak in my cart as well. As you know I wear a mix of high and low-end makeup and that’s how my beauty routine is as well. This sale is a great time to try or restock those high end items for a great deal. I’ve got a little round up of my favorite beauty items from the Anniversary Sale below!

·       This blow dryer is phenomenal. I have the black version and yes, it’s not cheap, but it works. If you are in the market for a new blow dryer and you want to upgrade, I recommend this one.

·       I always replace my Beauty Blender during this sale. Like I said the other day, Baker took a bite out of my old one on the first day I bought it so I’ve been waiting to replace it for some time!

·       This hand cream is intense. I bought it for Soren last year because his hands get so dry in the Winter. It really works!

·       I tried this illuminator when I was in the store and it was so pretty on. This is definitely a makeup product I think would be a great wear now and wear later!

·       My Clarisonic Mia is my reset tool for my face. Whenever I go too many days without washing my makeup off at bedtime and my face starts feeling dry and rough, I use this in the shower and it totally resets my face. Soft and smooth once again.

What beauty products did you grab from the sale? Any old favorites? Trying anything new?

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