The Anniversary Sale- Now Open To All!

Today is a fun day for me to put my personal shopper hat back on for you guys. Today is the day that the Anniversary Sale opens to the public. Yep, anyone can shop the sale now! New Fall styles, up to 40% off and narrowed down here for you!I love sharing good deals on great style and today is another day that I get to do that. I’m so blessed to be able to “work” in this capacity and I LOVE getting messages from you letting me know that my recommendations helped you! 


SWEATER- Wearing size small. Blush color sold out. Also love the Gold.
JEANS- Fit TTS, but do stretch out a bit.
CLUTCH- Still in stock in Black.
EARRINGS- Size large.

Some of what I first loved and recommended from the sale has sold out, but there are still plenty of great finds to shop! Some of what sold out may restock as people return the things they aren’t keeping so keep an eye out for anything you wanted and missed. If I see something come back in stock I’ll share on Fb or IG so be sure to follow me there so you can stay up to date!

I’ve had some questions about sizing throughout the sale so I’ll list my current sizes here for you. I find that can help when deciding what size you should order.

HEIGHT: 5’7”
NORMAL PANT SIZE: 0, 2, or 26

So what's still in stock? So many good things- especially shoes and jeans!

- My favorite jeans from the sale are still fully stocked!
- My favorite black jeans from the sale are still stocked!
- The best workout leggings are still here and did you know they are reversible?
- I am a big fan of these black Nikes. They are my go-to when I want to hustle but still feel put together.
- These peep toe boots are the best wear now, wear later shoe in the sale.

I’d love to hear what you found and bought from the sale. Don’t be shy about sending in pics of your favorite items. I love seeing and hearing what things you are loving!

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