All the Denim- Anniversary Sale Picks

If you ever watch my Instagram stories, you may have heard me talking about premium denim the other day. Last year during the Anniversary Sale was the first time I took a leap into the world of more expensive denim and it was life changing. The jeans that I spent over $100 on last year during the sale (which means they were even more expensive after the sale) still look and feel amazing. They have barely faded, they haven't stretched out and they still suck me in in all the right places. It's amazing. 
(My best denim purchase last year during the Anniversary Sale- almost a YEAR later! Shop this year's version here.)
I'm not saying only expensive denim is where it's at, but having at least one pair of jeans that make you feel fabulous is such a treat. So today I've got a round of much of the Anniversary Sale denim and my thoughts on each pair. I've tried almost all of them on and brought home my faves. I'm a fan of the premium, but I'm also sharing denim under $100 and non-denim pant options that I love. 
Before we dive in one reader asked about care for premium denim. I wash mine in cold, with other denim and then typically hang them to dry. Most jeans do better this way, but if something happens to stretch out or needs a little reshaping I don't think using the dryer every once and a while is a problem. 
Another question I had was about length. I'm 5'7" which is on the tall side so many of these jeans will fit you differently if you are shorter. Nordstrom does offer free alterations in most cases, but even if it costs a little bit to have your denim hemmed, it's worth it because you got such a smoking deal on them in this sale!

This brand is one of my go-to's that is not premium. However the sizing can be all over this place. This pair fit TTS and did not seem like they would stretch out. Love the dark wash and thick denim.

This pair is girlfriend cut (cross between skinny and boyfriend), and they run big! I sized down once but possibly could have tried sizing down again. They do stretch out after wearing. But they also have great stretch, are super comfy and I love the distressing.


This pair did not work on me. They are wider than I like and I just felt a little dumpy in them. With the right heels they would work, but that's not what I wear the most so I pass on them.

These fit really well and felt great too. Super shaping and slimming. Hug you all over. Great lighter wash, raw hem pair of jeans. Ran TTS.

These are my favorite pants from the sale! They are SO slimming and have a lot of stretch in a good way. They also have a great hem! These run small so size up once. This black denim will stay looking this black forever. Don't miss out on these!

I really like these boyfriend jeans. They are still really slim and they fit so well. Super comfy and stretchy. Fit TTS. Bought these. 

These are my other favorites from the sale. They feel like butter going on but they look so good. The dark wash is very crisp and these jeans will attract all the compliments! Fit TTS. 


Okay, so other than denim- there are three pairs of leggings you should add to your cart. Like I would probably put them in a capsule wardrobe if I were trying to come up with one for you!

First up, moto leggings. $25 and they come in two colors. I'm wearing size small. These are stretchy and soft!


Also, these leggings. These are the best faux leather leggings I've found and they are in this sale! They are stretchy, not too shiny, fit TTS and suck you in without squeezing the life out of you. I'm wearing size small. I wore these all over Italy too!
And last of all these leggings. These are available year round but never for this price. I have them in size small and x-small and I think the smalls are more comfortable. They aren't sheer at all. They suck you in and work so well for exercise and for real life. 

Phew! That's the scoop on denim and pants for this year's Anniversary Sale. I've found this is the best sale to refresh your denim collection and to add another basic or two to your closet. Let me know if you have questions!


  1. Love all your skinny jean picks!


  2. Thank you! I really want to invest in some good denim, but have to be pretty budget conscious right now. I have a pair of Hudson flairs I found at TJ Maxx for $50 that I love! They're probably a size too big, but they feel like yoga pants! I noticed you didn't mention the Hudson jeans in the sale--did you try them? I've tried Paige skinnies on, but didn't like the feel--kind of scratchy or something. I'm trying to educate myself as any purchase over $100 would be the ONLY purchase, if you know what I'm saying.

    1. I did try the Hudson and I liked them- just not as much as the others. I bought black Hudson jeans last year and loved them. I would try ordering a few pairs and trying them all on. See which ones you really love since they are such an investment.

  3. If you buy something full price, alterations are included. Unless something changed from last year's anniversary sale, you should be able to get everything altered. I bought two pairs of premium denim during last year's sale and had them altered at Nordstrom and I was not charged. Plus, if you're a Nordstrom cardholder, don't forget that you get reimbursed for alterations from Nordstrom. So if you buy something on sale (not Anniversary Sale sale) and get it altered at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, you should be reimbursed in the form of a Nordstrom Note.

  4. Hi Kilee!! I really like your reviews of everything from the sale. I ordered two of the leggings (haven't received yet) and the BlankNYC ripped girlfriend jeans. I love love love the jeans and never would have found them without your rec. I'm curious - how do you think you will style them? What type of top and shoes? Thanks!!

    1. I think they will go with about anything. Super skinny jeans are making way for a little bit looser of a cut like these so really they will go with tees, sweaters, blouses and more. I plan on wearing them with sneakers, ankle boots and sandals!

  5. I love the Rag& Bone on you! How high waisted are they?? I usually love the AG but I am interested in buying and trying these because i love the color and look! I just am worried they will cut or dig in the waist since they are called high waisted! Any input??

    1. They don't feel high waisted! I have several pairs of high waisted jeans that I can't stand because they squeeze me so much! I wouldn't know these were high waisted except the name says so.


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