Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks- Shoes and Accessories


Is it me or can Nordstrom sales be so overwhelming?! The Half Yearly sale is happening right now- and even when I filtered through what I wanted to see- I still ended up with 6000+ items to look through! That's crazy! So I found and shared all of my clothing recs in this post and then I saved shoes and accessories for today's post. I've got a few below and a whole lot more below that. :)
PS- If you want my tips for shopping at Nordstrom in general- I've got you covered. Read all of mine here.

This pair of shoes is on it's way to me as we speak. LOVE the cool color and the details. 

These just might be the perfect espadrilles. 

You know I love shoes so be sure to scroll all the way down to see all of my shoe recs and how I've styled the items I already own.

What goodies did you find? I'd love to hear your favorite deal!

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  1. Can you link the red shoes in your top pic? Those are fantastic!


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