How To Wear Culottes and Wide Leg Crops

Cropped, wide legged pants have been showing up here and there this season and although they might feel a little risky at first- they are definitely a trend that is here to stay. Today I've got a few tips for how to wear this Spring trend.


The silhouette that has been dominating for several years is the over sized tops and skinny legged denim or leggings on the bottom. And I still love that look. However because fashion is always evolving, that eventually has to change. It looks to me like it's heading in the opposite direction. The fresh look is something more fitted on top and bigger bottoms as well as more high rise bottoms. 

I don't think this shift will replace all other looks, but you will start seeing it more. I'm trying it out several ways this season (much to Soren's dismay lol), and hopefully that means that as it becomes more mainstream I'll have good tips for you.

So, how to wear these wide legged crops?
  • First, start with a slightly more fitted top. It doesn't have to be tight, but you can make it more fitted by tucking it in or knotting it. I have had to buy a few new tops because so many of mine have been big and loose for years. This tee from J. Crew is a great one.
  • Shorter tops or slightly cropped tops are also a good idea. I've seen really cute styling with off-the shoulder tops as well or a tank so if those are something you wear, try it with this pant style.
  • Go with a wedge or heeled sandal. These pants can make you look wide and short really quickly so lengthen your legs with a heel or a wedge. Bonus points if it's in the tan or nude family.
  • Own it. It looks cuter than it feels. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort range can make you self conscious, but new shapes can take time to get used to. I tell people the same thing when they try out our Nickel & Suede earrings for the first time. They can seem HUGE at first but after a few days you reset and decide you can't live without them. 

Anyways, I hope that helps! I've included details for specific items you see above here. Let me know if you have any questions and tag me if you decide to try out this trend!

TEE- This tee is such an unexpected winner for me. I wasn't sure about the tan stripes but having worn it I actually love them. They are a really fresh take on a basic Summer tee. I wear an XS in these tees, and typically I wear a XS or S in tops. This one also is barely sheer so you shouldn't need an undershirt.
PANTS- These pants are high rise and fit true to size. They also come in Olive green.
SANDALS- These sandals run small and only come in whole sizes. They also fit a little narrow. I ordered a half size up and they fit well.
SUNNIES- These are my go-to. I wear the gold/green combo.
EARRINGS- Lip Gloss Nickel & Suede size large.

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