Everyday Hair Tutorial for Short, No Part Hair

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Volume is one of the things I consider first when I'm purchasing a hair product. I don't have tons of hair, and I don't have tons of volume on my own. However, I've found that with the right products I can create plenty of volume, even with my short, thin/normal hair.

Over the last month I've been working with some new products from Got2b, and they've made their way into my go-to cabinet for hair products. I love that they are all formuated to create volume AND they smell good- so win, win.

Today I'm sharing my go-to, first- and second-day-after-washing-my-hair styling process. Here's the process behind my short no-part hairstyle.

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This tutorial starts on day one: shower day. I wash my hair, and then while it's still wet, I comb in volumizing mousse at the roots. (Be careful; a little goes a long way with this one.) I make sure it's evenly spread through my hair, and then while it's still damp, I also apply the volumizing spray all over. This gives me my product base. I find that I always get the best volume in my straight hair by day two or three of no washing. The first day is always harder to get volume because I don't have as much product built up in my hair. But I do what I can to get it building, even on the first day. You'll also see the rest of my tricks below.

Next I  blow dry my hair, and then I always apply dry shampoo all over. This gives my slippery, slightly fine hair some grip and even a little more volume. On days two and three, I'll focus the dry shampoo more on my roots, but on day one I use it all over. 

Once my hair is dry and slightly dirtied up, I use my hot flat iron to straighten it a little bit. My hair will usually be pretty straight after blow drying, but now that it's grown out a bit, the ends have started to curl under on their own. I focus on the bottom layers and just get a little of that curl out.

And now for the backcombing. ALL. OVER. MY. HEAD.

My comb has really specific teeth that make backcombing especially effective. I start at the back of my head and just tease wide sections of my hair two-thirds of the way down my head. Then I move to each side and pick up several sections, almost all the way down to my ear.

I also backcomb the top, and I'm not careful about keeping my part. Remember this is the no-part look? It ends up really high and really crazy. But that's good—it will fall, so the higher you start, the better!

I comb through the crazy-high teased hair just a little with my fingers, and then I spray my favorite texturizer through it. This helps to keep some of the lift. 

And then for the hairspray. I love the smell of this spray, and it's not very heavy. It's got a great wide spray, and it keeps the lift I worked so hard for. As I spray I'll lift sections with my fingers and then hold the sections up even after I've sprayed so that they can dry for a few seconds. 

I lift and spray all around—the back, the sides, and the front.

Then I'll flip it a few times from one side to the other, and I'm done! Obviously the more I play with it, the more volume it loses, so I try to keep my hands out of it. But flipping it to the opposite side is a great way to instantly lift it later on in the day as well. 

And that's my everyday routine. I'll do the same thing tomorrow, and then on day three I might mix it up with a half top-knot or even curl it. It's really easy to do, and honestly it's more about using the right products (and teasing comb) than anything else!

Got2b Volumaniac products are available at Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Ulta, Meijer, and Publix stores. And if you go here- you'll find a coupon, making them even more affordable. I've linked everything from this post below. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or on social media!


  1. You have great hair and know how to style it! Thanks for some good tips!

  2. I absolutely love your hair! I cannot get it right but I think it's bc my hair is too thick! I'm going to a new guy in a few weeks and see what he says. Is your cut razored? Mine is blunt right now and wondering if that's part of my problem. Anyway you are adorable! Thanks for the hair and makeup help!!!

    1. Hi! I don't get it razored, but my hair isn't super thick. I would say that my cut isn't blunt though, more cut at angles and slightly layered.

  3. Do you dry your hair a specific way to eliminate your part? Thanks!

    1. I guess I do- I dry it with my head flipped over until its 80% there. Then I just continue to switch the flip as I dry it. When I want a deep part I will dry it into a deep part, so now I just avoid a specific part as I dry.

  4. Great tutorial. I'd love to see some 360 photos of you hairstyle

  5. What style of cut do you get?

    1. It's kind of a slightly layered bob with a little bit of an angle to it (shorter in the back than the front). I tell my stylist I'm styling it with a flip rather than a specific part and then let her do what she wants. Since I'm growing it I don't usually get the same cut twice.

  6. Replies
    1. Its a specific backcombing comb from Sallys. I think I linked a very similar one above!

  7. I love this post! I esp love your shirt! The link has an error. Can you redo the link for the tee? I'd love to buy it.

    1. Yes! So sorry! Just fixed. http://bit.ly/2rwenBO


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