Trends I'm Loving This Spring - Yellow


I'm pretty stuck in neutral mode when it comes to colors, but every season it seems like a new one makes its way into my favorites category. This season it's yellow. I don't think I've ever been a "yellow person," but this spring I can't get enough of it. I love the muted mustard yellow like the one in Nickel & Suede's Sunflower Suede earrings and fringe cuff, but I also love slightly greenish yellows like the one in these shoes

PC: Sarah Sweeney
Yellow is the trending pop of color this spring, and for those of you who rarely wear color, it's a good one to add in with all of your neutrals. Pair yellow with all shades of gray or blue, denim and chambray, and even dusty pink or blush. 
Yellow can be harsh on some skin tones (I don't love a lot of it by my face), so stick to smaller pops of color if that is true for you. And experiment with different shades of yellow to see which kinds look best with your coloring. I think muted mustard works with my skin, but yellows with a green undertone do not. So if I like a yellow that doesn't wear well with my skin, I'll wear it on my shoes or a bag instead of a blouse or a cardigan.  
I've rounded up some of my favorite yellow items this spring for you below. Have you added this color to your wardrobe?

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