A Weekend Away at rewardStyle the Conference

First of all, if it seems like I've been traveling a lot latelyI have! It's been such a busy spring. We've gone from never traveling to going on three trips in three months. And it's been all the thingsfun, exhausting, productive, and good to get away.

This last weekend I got away by myself for a blogging conference that I have been looking forward to for months. The conference is for fashion bloggers, and it's put on by the affiliate program that I use to share all the clothes that I feature on my blog and on social media. It's my favorite way to earn money through blogging, and let me tell you why. I buy what I want to wear 100% of the time and then I share it with you. If you like something and purchase it through my links, then I earn a commission. If you don't, I don't. It definitely feels like the most organic way to share what I love and then earn an income as basically a personal stylist. 

The affiliate company is rewardStyle (they are also known at LiketoKnow.it), and their headquarters are in Dallas. I knew it would be a great way to learn the most up-to-date info on blogging as well as a great chance to network with other bloggers that I rarely get to see in real life. So I got my mother-in-law to come help Soren with the kids, and I took off for a few days. 


I feel like quite the seasoned flyer as of late, but I still get anxiety before I actually get on the plane. You may have seen me stressing on IG stories before I left. I must've almost missed so many flights with kids that I just always dread the few hours before takeoff. Thankfully I made it in plenty of time. 

TEE - This is my go-to under tee. These pants needed a slim-fitting top, so I pulled this out. This tee from J. Crew would also have worked.

PANTS- These pants were so comfy to fly in. They are a little puffy at the top, so a slimming shirt is helpful. I have them in size small. 

CARDIGAN- This one is sold out, but here is a similar one that I want to try.

SHOES: These wedges are so fun for summer. Size up a half size, as they only come in half sizes.

BAG- Love this bag for summer. It was the perfect tote for carrying all the things this weekend.

SUITCASES- I'm still loving my white suitcases. I care for them by wiping them down with a magic eraser every time I get home, and they stay pretty clean. They are so easy to recognize at baggage claim as well.

EARRINGS- Signature Platinum Nickel & Suede, size large. On sale this weekend 15% off with code THANKSMOM!

These bracelets are my favorite mom-jewelry. I wear them every time I fly without my kids. 

Shop the look:
PANTS- Madewell
SHOES- Nordstrom 
EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
RINGS- Amazon


I was a little perplexed about how to dress for a rooftop pool party. I'm not one who loves dresses, and I don't wear things that are off the shoulder or strapless. So it took a little creativity, but I ended up liking what I chose.

BLOUSE- I grabbed this blouse the day before I left because the white button-up shirt I had wasn't flowy enough for these pants. It was less than $25 at Target, and it worked great. I have it in size XS.

PANTS- These pants were a gamble, and when they arrived I almost gave up. They run small, so I had to reorder a bigger size. (I ended up with a size 8.) And they are high-waisted, which is different from most of my other pants. They were also way too long, but I took them to the tailor and for a small price, she cropped them for me. 

SHOES- These shoes have a cork footbed and heel and are such a bright, fun yellow color. They run true to size.

 EARRINGS- I went with Signature Silver Nickel & Suede, size large.

My roommate for the weekend was Audrey from Putting Me Together, and she is such a gem! We coordinated rooming together before the conference but had never met in real life. We had such a good time together. I honestly learned more from chatting with her than I did from the rest of the conference!

The cacti on this clutch are actually a bright green. I used a tan marker to tone them down to match my olive pants. It worked like a charm!

Loved finally meeting Cam from The Mom Edit.

I've been following Shana and The Mom Edit crew for FOREVER. I loved meeting them in person.

Shop the look:
SHIRT- Target
SHOES- Zappos
BAG- Asos
EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
RINGS- Amazon


I didn't get any great pics of this outfit, but it was so comfy and cool. We had classes throughout the day about social media trends, rewardStyle the company, and other blogging topics. 

TEE- This tee is from Abercrombie, and unfortunately it may still be sold out right now. It has these cute cut-out details near the neck. I'm wearing a S, and I have it in gray, black, and white.

PANTS-These pants are pretty high-waisted, but I love the color and the wide leg. They are also an affordable way to try the new cropped wide leg trend. I have them in size 2.

SHOES- These shoes are so pretty in person—and surprisingly comfortable!

CUFF- Wide Signature Silver cuff from Nickel & Suede.

EARRINGS- Lip Gloss Nickel & Suede earrings in size large.

Shop the look:
SHIRT- Abercrombie
SHOES- Zappos
EARRINGS- Nickle & Suede
RINGS- Amazon


Audrey from Putting Me Together and then Erin and Bekah from Living in Yellow.  We went to dinner with these girls after the party, and it was one of the best parts of the weekend!

Finally met Brooke from KB Styled. She is just as gorgeous in real life as she is on the Internet. And so sweet too.

SIMILAR DRESS- This exact dress is from H&M a few months back. I ordered it as soon as I saw it because black lace dresses that are modest are hard to find. I linked a similar one, but it's a little shorter.

SHOES- These shoes are some of my favorite heels. They fit really well (true to size) and are comfortable. I love a good block heel because I can walk in them! 

CLUTCH- This beaded clutch with an Aztec design is from Asos, and combined with the shoes it really added edge to my lace.

 EARRINGS- Signature Silver Nickel & Suede Accents in large.

Shop the look:
SHOES- Zappos
EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede
RINGS- Amazon


Saturday was filled with more classes. I was really happy to take a class on email organization and another on website optimization. We also met with brands that we might like to work with, and I was excited to meet with Sole Society, Abercrombie and Fitch, and some others.

Saturday's outfit for classes and brand meetings.

I found these patches in New York and brought them home to DIY something. Soren helped me iron them on my gray Abercrombie jeans, and I love how they turned out! If you have been following OLM from the beginning, then you know that I used to DIY and alter my clothes all the time. It felt really good to get back into that as I tried to be creative with my outfits for this conference.

TOP- This top is also from Target. I have it in XS. It comes in a few other colors as well and fits really well. I am wearing a cami underneath this white color.

PANTS- These are my favorite gray jeans from Abercrombie. They do fit small and have a lot of stretch. If you want to buy some with patches already on them, these are the best I've found.

BAG- Great big tote. It did get heavy because it can carry so many things, but that was my fault!

SHOES- These shoes are from last summer. This is a similar pair to get a similar look.

Shop the look:
 TOP- Target
BAG- Nordstrom
SHOES- Similar
RINGS- Amazon


Black tie optional was a fun night to dress up for. I loved this skirt, and it was fun to find a slightly edgy way to style it. I loved seeing what everyone else wore and because it was cold that night, I was really glad for my big skirt with lots of layers!

The Mother Chic and me. We have 8 kids between us!

TEE- This tee is called the Perfect Fit tee for a reason. It's thick and slim fittingperfect for a big skirt or wide leg pants. I have it in an XS, but a S would work as well.

SKIRT- This skirt is so fun. It's big and fluffy and full of tulle. I have it in a size 0 because I always have to size down at J. Crew.

BELT- I bought this belt and this belt off of Amazon. Both are stretchy and one size fits all. And they were cheap!

CLUTCH- This velvet clutch is roomy and will work great for future dressy events.

EARRINGS- I wore Hammered Gold Nickel & Suede in size large.

Shop the look:
SKIRT- J. Crew
BELT- Amazon
EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede 
RINGS- Amazon


The conference ended Saturday night, and I opted to stay in town for Sunday as well. One of my best friends from college lives in Dallas, so I spent the day with her family before flying home Sunday night.

TEE- This is the same tee that I love in gray. It fits well and is barely sheer. I wear an XS. 

SKIRT- The color of this skirt is so good. It has buttons that run up both sides. I'm wearing a 0, but I think a 2 would be more comfortable because it sits high on the waist and I don't have a tiny waist. I'm pretty straight up and down.

SHOES- Love these shoes. They have a cute lace-up detail in the back. Size up a half a size.

CUFF- London Tan Slit Cuff from Nickel and Suede in size small.

EARRINGS- Sunflower Suede Nickel and Suede in size large.

Shop the look:
TEE- Madewell
SKIRT- Madewell
SHOES- Nordstrom 
RINGS- Amazon

Phew! That's it! So many outfits in one weekend. I tried a different style of sharing details on outfits in this post, which hopefully helps you get more information before you buy something that I'm wearing. I'd love your feedback on how you prefer a blog post to be set up or what else you'd like included in a post like this. Have a great weekend!


  1. Any chance you know the brand of the white target top? There is also a number on the tag to search online. I love it and all your looks!!!

  2. I bought the stretchy belt and it was under $10. Thank you!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I hope to grow my blog enough to get accepted to reward Style and have the opportunity to go to the conference next year! It sounds like it was super informative, and I need all the help I can get. ha! I love all of your looks for the conference, but I think my ultimate fave is your DIY rose pants! Such a great idea! I might have to try it out for myself. Love your site redesign also.

  4. I believe the White top is the Merona Utility Top - it comes in several other colors.

  5. Awesome outfits! You look wonderful, as usual.


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