Sailor Stripes and Spring Shopping


There are several constants in my closet, and one of those is definitely stripes. I wear stripes year-round, but for some reason spring seems to be a particularly "stripe-y" season. I have an entire section of my closet dedicated to stripes, and it's got striped tops in almost every colorred, mustard, olive, black, and more! And our Nickel & Suede striped tee is one I wear constantly!

When we were in Venice one of our to-do items was to take a gondola ride, and I was very pleased when I found that the gondoliers really do wear stripesand sing! They were already handsome guys, but the stripes really made them even more so! When I saw this striped lace-up top at Old Navy last month, it just spoke to me. Something about the red, the rope, and the stripes felt so nautical and spring-like that it immediately fell into my cart. I love pairing this shade of red-orange with olive during March and April as well as with camel, white, and blue.

I've had several of you ask about spring shopping suggestions, and this top (only $14 right now) and this jacket (under $50 option) are high on my list. I've also linked a few other things below that I'm loving right now. 

I hope you are having a great week! We're preparing to launch our N&S spring collection next Monday, so life is definitely busy, but it's also great and fun and exciting!

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