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This month is just flying by and it feels so strange be more than halfway through the month! Didn't we just get back from our trip? How has it been three weeks?! I am still drafting up posts about our trip. I'm trying to compile pictures and stories and tips about traveling to Milan, Parma and Venice which means the posts are time consuming to put together, but they are still coming! 

Meanwhile, Easter is right around the corner! If your childhood was anything like mine- one thing I always looked forward to about Easter was getting a new dress. Of course Christ and the resurrection and candy and the Easter bunny were in there too, but my grandma would always make or buy me a new dress for Christmas and for Easter. 

Even as an adult I can't shake that habit. I love looking for a new dress or skirt for Easter and finding matching ties or shirts or something for my boys. One of these days I might even get a girl to dress up with, but for now I can coordinate my little guys and still enjoy it quite a bit. This dress is a little too black for Easter, although I love it and it worked beautifully for our trip. (Plus its a LBD closet staple!) Recently I stumbled upon and shopped Jessa Kae's dresses.  I grabbed this one and this one. She has so many fun Easter-y dress options. I've also found quite a few pastel or cream colored options for you below. 

Do you do new clothes for Easter? Do you head to church in them? Do family pics in them? What traditions do you have?

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