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You guys. It's literally been a week since I sat down at my computer. I've been working non-stop from my phone, but nothing that requires more than three words or voice texting has been happening on the internet for me. I've been dying to share pics from our trip and you, know blog in general, but when things get busy for Nickel & Suede or for my family, the internet has to be the thing that gives. We just wrapped up our Spring photo shoot for Nickel & Suede and although that is a big relief, the work doesn't end there. Thankfully I have a lot of great help that I rely on constantly. So just a few updates...

- Our first N&S releases for Spring are coming on March 20. Nothing like starting the First Day of Spring off with a bang right? You'll love the pretty colors and patterns we have coming, not to mention the styling we've done for this season!

- I'll be having a closet sale on my closet IG account @onelittlemommascloset tomorrow. It will be done auction style so you don't have to be there when it starts- just hop on sometime tomorrow to see if you NEED anything. I'm selling a lot of Spring and basic items in sizes 2, 4, XS, S, and shoe sizes 8 or 8.5. 

- I've had Spring clothes on the mind now that I'm back from my "gray and black required" Italy trip. I haven't really made any new purchases though because every single top seems to be off-the-shoulder in one way or another. I did buy these and these jeans. And I'm still loving these shoes. But I'll keep you posted as I find things. The basics I'm wearing in today's post are my current go-tos.

That's it. Gotta go make soup for dinner and get kids off the bus. I hope you're having a great week!

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