Fur and Black and What To Wear to Europe In February


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Every once and a while the "pressure" of being a style blogger gets to me. I usually can find something to wear in my closet and part of my job means buying a lot more clothes and shoes than I ever did before blogging. But this trip to Milan has really pushed me outside of my element! I feel like I need to fit in, but I want to stand out. I need to be comfortable and warm, but also want to dress up and less practically than I do in everyday life as a mom. The weather for our trip is supposed to be in the 40's and 50's so cool weather clothing was still required. So I'm not going to lie, I spent more time planning my wardrobe for the trip than I should have. I ordered and returned so many things. And I'm sure it was overkill, but oh well. I think I ended up finding things that fit the bill, but it did take a lot of looking and trying things on. 

The majority of what I packed is black or goes with black. Because nothing says Europe like all black right? So this outfit is something that I will likely be wearing on our trip, minus the fur coat and instead wearing a black moto jacket. You can see what I ended up wearing on Instagram and I'll share all of my outfits to the blog in the near future. I've linked many of the items I took below if you want an early preview of them. Have a great Friday! 

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