5 Tips for Making the Most of Winter



As much as I love to plan for, dress for and look forward to Spring, the reality is that we still have a few more weeks of Winter. The snow could come back, the cold weather is still hanging around and the clouds and dry air are no joke. Today I'm sharing a few ways I've found to make the most of Winter and really combat the thinks I dislike about it most. 

1. Get a warm coatand wear it. This might sound silly to suggest, but until I met Soren, I didn't know how warm a coat could actually be. I had always worn coats from Old Navy or Target, and my mind was blown when Soren bought me a down coat the first winter we were married. It was SO WARM! Anyway, there are a lot of options for great warm coats out there, and now is the time to snag one as they start going on sale. 

Why do I feel the need to suggest wearing a coat? Because I often don't. It's a pain to grab my coat after I've already grabbed four little coats. As a mom, it's just easier to go without. Except it's stinking cold, and that makes me grouchy and snippy about hurrying along. So buy a good coat and wear it, mommas.

2. Get some Vitamin D. I've been chatting with lots of you on IG about taking a Vitamin D supplement in the winter. A lot of people swear by it, so I picked up two last week and have been taking them daily. I got this one and this one, and I'm interested to see if they make a difference in my mood and/or level of motivation. You can also up natural sources of Vitamin D by eating more fish, mushrooms and fortified dairy products. So far so good, but I'll try to report back.

3. Keep on exercising. I've not been great about exercising over the last few years, but it makes a big difference when I do. Not only am I warmer, but I feel better about myself. Push away those winter blues with some exerciseeven if you're like me and have to do 21-Day Fix videos in your living room.

4. Hydrate your skin. My goal this year is to drink more water (not doing so hot at it yet), but if you live in a cold climate like mine, your skin is probably pretty dry. Hydrate from within by drinking water and hydrate from without by using an everyday lotion or a deep repair one like this. In the winter I'll also put Vasoline on my feet and then put socks on while I sleep or while I work out. It works so well for hydrating dry skin on my heels and feet.

5. Find a good book. I've been enjoying reading a little more over the last month, and I still have a big stack of books on my nightstand that I'm excited to read. Lately I've been reading a lot of nonfiction; I love learning and it's been fun to pick up a book again. I've also been listening to more podcasts as I get ready or fold laundry. It's almost like having another adult at home to talk to! I love Freakanomics and This American Life, but I'd like to add more to my playlist. If you have some you love, please share in the comments!

What do you do to stay sane in the Winter? How do you combat the cold, the darkness or the Winter blues?


  1. Jamie Ivey's "Happy Hour" is a fantastic podcast for women. She interviews women with all different stories to tell, and it feels just like you're having coffee with friends when listening! It's a favorite for sure!

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  3. You have to listen to the podcast Happier! It's done by the author of The Happiness Project book (and her sister) and it's fun and inspiring. I listen at 1.6 speed, so I can easily get through a whole episode in the time it takes to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. I love it and I get so many good ideas about tiny, concrete ways to make my life happier.


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