Post-Holiday Plaid and My Goals This Year


SHIRT (I have a size 2) // JEANS (tutorial coming!) // SHOES // CLUTCH // SUNNIES // CHOKER

Hey guys! Welcome to 2017! I'm excited for the fresh start of a new year and everything that a new year brings. I'm a big believer in always having new goals and trying new things year-round, but there is nothing like the motivation of the first few weeks of the year to kick my rear in gear.
That being said, I actually only have two main goals this year, and they are pretty basic. I've been listening to podcasts lately about being productive, and one theme that I've been mulling over is the power of changing just one thing. Not only is it hard to make a lot of changes at once, but it's also not necessary. Focusing on one goal can really provide a lot of benefits. If you only have one focus, you are more likely to make a new habit and actually accomplish the goal, but also, one consistent change in your life can have a rippling effectwithout any more effort! 
This year my health focus is to drink more water. Like a lot more. I'm sure this one will have a rippling effect to change my skin, my energy, and even the food choices I make. It's something I've been needing to do for a long time, and I really want to make drinking water a habit.
My second goal is to read the scriptures every day. This was a habit I used to have, before kids, and it's been a long time since I was consistent at it. We read as a family, and I read to get my Sunday School lesson ready, but I really want to make my own study of the Bible and the Book of Mormon a priority in my life. I know this goal will also have a rippling effect in my lifefrom easing my daily stress to giving me patience with my kids. There is really nothing that this won't help in my life. 
And aside from those two main goals, I have a whole long list of things I want to do better at. I bought a big stack of books that I want to slowly work through, I'm trying to wash my face every night, and I've got goals for work and for this blog. But those are just good things that I hope to use to continue moving forward. For now I'm content and very proud of myself if I check off my number one and number two goals every day. 
This week I have another new tutorial coming your way: how to DIY these staggered hem jeans! This look is definitely trending right now, and I made this pair myself. Come back Wednesday for the full EASY tutorial!
What goals are you making this year? How do you approach making resolutions?


  1. You are stunning, Kilee. I don't make resolutions, I just try to work on stuff all year long. Basic stuff like eating less junk and more vegetables.

  2. Happy Tuesday! I just love your blog! You've made me take time each day to put on a cute outfit, makeup, and some jewelry. It does make a difference in how someone feels. I don't really make resolutions but I do have goals for this year. I want to be more PRESENT. I'm a homeschool mom, wife to hubby who works 2-3 jobs most of the year, and we have a little instead of going through this year as a stack of "to-do" lists and chores....I want to be PRESENT in everything I do and be very thankful for the blessings that God has given me.

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