Overalls and Overwhelmed


This past weekend every time I hopped onto Facebook, I felt like I was being overwhelmed with so many different opinions about right and wrong and what is important and what isn't. Rather than being informed or uplifted by things I was reading, I just felt stressed. And I don't need more stress in my life. I really like the quote that says, "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." And I believe there is so much truth in that idea. So much of what will make the world a better place starts at home and with the environment we create for our family. So I hopped off Facebook and tried to really focus on being a mom and enjoying my little guys. And we had such a great weekend!

Our basement is almost finished, so I spent time cleaning down there and hanging shelves in the downstairs bathroom. It looks so good! (I'm no professional decorator, but it looks great according to my standards!) After a trip to IKEA on Friday, I was armed with lots of plants, mirrors, and other things to hang. Soren was a good sport at helping me get things together and arranged. We might have started spring cleaning a little early, but oh well! I love refreshing old and new spaces!

Easton had his first basketball game at lunchtime on Saturday, and it was so much fun to watch! He made several baskets and really guarded his opponentalmost too well. We all cheered for him and laughed at how closely he was guarding his guy. He loved playing, and I'm so thankful he had a little taste of success to help motivate him to keep practicing and playing. The weather was beautiful, so we were also able to play at the park for a few minutes after the game. Fifty degrees in January is such a treat! Soren ran to work for a few hours while Baker napped, and then we met back up for a family pool date with friends. Someone on Instagram recommended that we try the Excelsior Springs Community Center pool, so we headed up north to check it out. The facility was really nice, and aside from the water being just a little too cold for me, we all had a good time.

We have church services at 1:00 in the afternoon on Sundays now, so Sunday mornings are really relaxed rather than a rush to get to an early meeting. The kids actually played well together instead of watching shows (although I typically only allow Veggie Tales or Nature on Sundays), and I pulled my Sunday School lesson together just in time. Church was great, aside from Baker missing a nap, and we ended the weekend well.

Our weekends aren't always full of fun and family time, but I really appreciate the ones that are. In the grand scheme of things, that family time is the most important thing we can make time for.


  1. Love this look and your weekend summary. The best weekends are when we're with our families, it's true! XO

  2. LOVE the title of your post! Lol. I don't have overalls, but I sure as heck feel overwhelmed. By everything.
    One day at a time. xx laura from WI

  3. Yes, that quote is a great reminder for all of us! Thank you for your post! I really enjoy reading your blog and following your style tips.


  4. Hi,
    I've recently joined Facebook for my own little craft business. I understand completely what your saying about being overwhelmed. I personally enjoy Instagram, its a much more positive place for me, full of inspiration and support. Thank you for sharing your quote; "if you want to change the world, go home and love your family" this is my new favourite quote.
    Thanks also for your style tips and tricks, I love reading them,
    Melissa @crochetco_

  5. These are the cutest! You always look adorable and I just can't take the overalls. I immediately snatched a pair up and hope I look half as cute as you do in them. Love!

  6. I literally unfollowed everything and everyone on facebook about 2 months ago, advice from a productivity class i took. I'm SO glad I did it, especially now. Mandy just found a chrome extension called kill the feed that hides the feed for you- so you don't have to unfollow everyone, I wish I had known about it! ha! but now it's not even an option to know what everyone is thinking and complaining about. It's SO much mental energy I don't waste. it's so great.


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