The Start of a Great Week


And just like that, it's Thanksgiving week! The temps have finally dropped and just in the knick of time. Here in Kansas City we have all been pretending to need boots and sweaters for the last few weeks, but really we've just been sweating a lot. As of a few days ago we could finally wear over the knee boots (these ones are on sale!) and flannels and be totally justified.

 I know I'm not alone when I say how much I love this week. The food, the smells, the fact that Christmas music is acceptable. The sales! It's really the perfect combination.

I'm not going to lie, Thanksgiving dinner has been on my mind for days now. It's basically all of my favorite foods in one meal. Yesterday I chatted with my Mom about what I'm cooking and what she is cooking for our big family meal. This year I decided to take on making more of dishes because it's the only way to secure enough leftovers at our house. There's nothing worse than waking up to no leftovers on the day after Thanksgiving. Thankfully we have grocery delivery in our area so this morning I got up early and got my order in. Sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie here I come!

 It's also the first real week of the holidays and all things Christmas are basically acceptable. I'm burning my evergreen candles this week and over the weekend I bought and hung my fresh pine wreath on the front door. I typically like to pull out Christmas decor and put up a tree this week too- but the more kids we have and the more work I have, the less and less likely I am to dig out the decor box. Hopefully we can make it out to the Christmas tree farm this weekend and get the decorating done early. 

As I'm sure you are aware, the sales have already started for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and holiday shopping in general. I've been scoping them out and found a few of my wardrobe staples on sale right now. This plaid top is one of my favorites for the holidays and is on sale right now (I have an XS). My favorite cognac booties are also 20% and these gorgeous block heeled pumps are less than $50 right now. I have them in nude, but I LOVE the wine color! And then there is this black sweater. It's my go-to basic sweater and is less than $40 in several colors. 

Happy Monday and happy start of a great short week!


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