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One of my favorite kinds of blog posts to read is quirky lists. I love hearing about what makes people unique, even if those things are weird or super unusual. I definitely believe that you can only stand out by being yourself, and as a blogger, a business owner, and just a woman in our society, this couldn't be more true. The more you try to fit in, the more you blend in, and that's not what you started out to do! I thought I'd share some random facts about me today, and I'd be thrilled to find out if we have any of them in common. (I mean, it always feels good to know other people are weird too, ya know?)

1. I hate raisins. The only thing I'll eat them in is cinnamon raisin toast, and I actually LOVE that stuff. 
2. My favorite radio station is NPR. I will listen to almost any program on NPR because it feels like I'm always learning something. I don't care if it's Science Friday (which I love) or Marketplace - I'm getting smarter if it's on.
3. I JUST found the podcast app on my phone. All this time I knew people loved listening to podcasts, and I never knew how they did it. I thought it cost money or that you needed some fancy subscription. Nope. It's free, and it's been on my phone all along. 
4. I love the crumbs at the bottom of the cereal box. And somewhat soggy cereal. And lumpy Cream of Wheat. Basically everything about hot or cold breakfast cereal that most people hate. 
5. At different points in my life, my favorite animals have been lemurs, tapirs, manatees, pigs, turtles, orcas, and various other weird animals. I think I've settled on pigs and sea turtles at this point. 
5. I don't buy dental products if they don't do something to whiten your teeth.
6. I went to school for nutrition, but the last few years have been pretty bad diet-wise for me. I got physically sick last time I had a big salad because my poor body couldn't handle all the fiber. I'm in the middle of baby-stepping my way out of that one. An apple a day, right?
7. I always do calf raises or squats while I brush my teeth.
8. I'm a horrible driver. I just have the worst instincts when it comes to making quick decisions. I'm also bad at crossing the street...
9. I really dislike talking on the phone. I have always disliked it, even when I was little, unless it was my mom, my boyfriend (now husband), or my best friend. 
10. I went to eating disorder treatment three times before it stuck. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to overcome mentally, but I am so glad that I did.

I'd love to hear something quirky about you or if you identified with any of these! Have a great start to your week!


  1. I love your list and laughed at how many were fitting for me as well. I also am a terrible driver and hate talking on the phone, and I love soggy cereal and the lumps in Cream of Wheat (though I can't eat it anymore since learning I have Celiac). I have struggled with anorexia for 17 years and done one residential treatment stay but still have a really hard time with food, especially since giving birth to my son (breastfeeding took off more weight than I expected and that had been pretty triggering). Hearing stories of full recovery like yours is very encouraging and gives me hope. I am glad you figured out podcasts; they are amazing and if you are an NPR fan you will definitely love them.

  2. I think our essesentricities are what make us interesting and unique.
    I think as a kid and adult, it's great to be yourself and embrace what makes you, you!
    Like being 32 years old and sleeping with my baby blanket I came home in from the hospital.
    Being known as the nerd of the group for loving to read Harry Potter, owning giant sweaters with big buttons and leg warmers. I also enjoy listening to big band and 40s music.
    I think I would fit right in at a Retirement community!
    I own it all and let my personality shine through.
    Great post, once again!!

  3. Your list made me laugh a lot and now Thanks to you I have discovered the Podcast App as well which I already had too !!!!

  4. I am all over your list! I LOVE lumps in my hot cereal....cream of wheat, oatmeal, grits. I will actually spoon thru the pan to not share the lumps! A couple of my quirky things (although perfectly normal for me!) are: I still sleep with a special little pillow that goes with me everywhere. I had surgery a couple years ago and I insisted my pillow go with me! I'm a nurse so I know things go with the patient at times, mainly children, but who cares...I need that pillow! My other big thing is I must have my ice cream in a separate bowl away from my dessert. That milky goo that happens as the ice cream melts into my dessert just ruins it for me. I will ask specifically that they not be together and if it just comes that way I will eat the ice cream off fast to keep it from melting! Just not happening for me! Here's a #3 now that I think that is probably my #1...I am terrified of fish. Alive, dead doesn't matter. I know it won't hurt me but there is no way I will touch it. I have cried at the idea of getting into the lake or ocean. My husband loves to snorkel and always wants me to go and I just can't. I try and I cry with fear. I bought him diagram cards with pictures to show me what he saw so I don't have to actually see them! We all have our quirks! Love to read yours!

  5. I do squats when I brush my teeth too! So glad your eating disorder recovery in on the up side. Keep fighting, beautiful <3

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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