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Thanks for Stitch Fix for sponsoring this post. It's a treat to be able to work with brands that I'd be first in line to support either way. As always opinions are all mine!

Soren's clothing- Stitch Fix for Men
PC: Sarah Sweeney
Recently Soren and I got to trade places a bit, and I at least had a lot of fun with it. He tagged along with me to a blog post photo shoot, and we put the camera on him for a change. He was a little less than excited about the picture taking, but I know he felt good in what he was wearing. And what clothes is he wearing, you ask? Stitch Fix for Men! Did you know there was such a thing?!
When I heard the news that Stitch Fix was going to be offering a subscription service for men, I was so excited. I think wives everywhere must have rejoiced! Talk about a home run. If your husband is like my husband, a box of well-curated, quality, stylish clothes showing up monthly is EXACTLY what he needs. Otherwise those kinds of pieces will never enter his closet. Ever.
 I immediately thought of Soren because he NEVER buys new clothes, and he recently did a major closet clean-out. Every few years we have to buy him an entire new wardrobe because he either gets a new job or hasn't shopped for clothing since the last time we overhauled his wardrobe. It's such a pain, and we never quite get it right. I'm a pro at buying my own clothes, but I haven't quite found my stride on picking things out for him. He and I have both been frustrated with his wardrobe offerings for some time now, and he has desperately been needing clothes for work events, date nights, family pictures, and just life outside of the N&S workshop. 
Honestly, for the past year, if we were going anywhere where he needed to look presentable, we would literally buy him something new to wear on our way there. I'm not kidding. 
Enter Stitch Fix for Men. It was exactly what we were hoping would save us, and it was a no-brainer for us to try it out. 
To get started, we filled out his style profile together, and I think we were both surprised at how easy it was to pick out his preferences. There were a lot of great options. I also added a note to his stylist about some specific items that I knew he needed - like a great basic tee that wouldn't stretch out at the neck. We hit subscribe, and his fix came within a few weeks. 
When it came in the mail, I'm not sure who was more excited to open it. I almost peeked at it before he got home, but I didn't, and he was happy to open it as soon as he walked in the door. He tried everything on, and my first impression was how well everything fit! Each piece was cut well to make him look his best. He did a great job at having an open mind and was overall really pleased with what came! He ended up keeping three of the five items, and to us, that definitely equaled success! My favorite piece might be the brown chinos or the gray henley - or maybe both of them together. :) 
We're both already looking forward to his next fix, and I'll keep you posted on how it goes. If you were wondering, I'm still receiving my monthly fix, and I just got the most amazing shearling vest last week. I try to keep just one item per fix that I can't find anywhere else, and I really enjoy the surprise on my doorstop too. 
If your husband has similar problems to Soren, I highly suggest this service for him. It's a fun thing to do together and it really couldn't make shopping for him any easier.

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