Playing Catch-Up with Fall


TOP (sold out, similar one perfect for Fall) // JEANS // SHOES // CLUTCH (similar) // CUFF // EARRINGS
Photo credit: Sarah Sweeney

I'm pretty sure September forgot to show up this year. We had a HOT last month, and it feels like we just skipped the first month of fall. Which leaves me scrambling to fit all the fall things into this month. There's so much to do and so little time! We'll definitely be skipping school one day in the near future to head to the pumpkin patch and make the most of the $1,000 it will cost for our entire family to go. (Everything is more expensive for our family of six now!) We love the Fun Farm in Kearney if you are local and need a recommendation. 

I'm also buying and drinking all of the pumpkin things I can get my hands on. My favorite food items so far have been pumpkin doughnuts and pumpkin cream cheese. The cream cheese is literally heaven, and if you haven't tried it, you MUST. Add it to your weekly grocery shopping list stat.
I've been trying to make it to the farmer's market for the last few weeks, but early mornings on Saturdays are SO hard. Soccer games and late nights with sick babies make for tired and busy weekend mornings. The farmer's market will have to wait. 

What else do you like to do in the fall? Of course we'll be carving pumpkins later this month, but I'm hoping to enjoy a few more weeks of just fall, and no Halloween yet. Send all of your traditions our way, and let's make the most of this month!

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