The Mom Hustle


I'm thinking it's his age, but lately Baker is about as cute and as frustrating as can be. And it's not his fault. He really is the cutest (and tiniest) little toddler there ever was, but he has almost single-handedly stopped all productivity here at One Little Momma. He is into everything, wavers between wanting to be held 24/7 and wanting to explore, and is still my worst sleeper. I'm embarrassed to admit how often he wakes up at night and while he may be my fourth, I'm definitely doing everything wrong with him. I'm just doing my best to get us both back to sleep as quickly as possible, and if that means nursing four times in one night, so be it. I've slowly accepted that sleeping is a hobby and that I don't get to spend time on that hobby this month, or last month, or maybe next month. :) 

I've felt a huge decrease in the amount of spare time I have to get work done, and the blog has suffered the brunt of it. Nickel & Suede is the pressing, puts-food-on-the-table, family business kind of work, so blogging has been sidelined. But I keep reminding myself that it's all just a phase and things will naturally shift and change as time goes on. Eventually more of my time will free up in one way or another, and I know that. 

When I started blogging I was the model of consistency, and it really taught me a lot. I would suggest to any new blogger that if they did anything, they should be consistent. It's essential for getting your blog out there and keeping people coming back. If I missed a day or two back then, I was STRESSING OUT. But as you can see I've missed about, oh, the entire month of September, and I've survived. I love blogging, and so I'll keep writing at my pace and at my life's pace. And on days that I can't write or create content here, you can always find me somewhere on social media. 

Right now I want to spend time with my kids, keep our house somewhat together, and keep running boys to soccer practice. I'm in the middle of an amazing time of life where I have a baby, but I also have big boys who have lots of things going on with school and sports. I struggle with the nagging thoughts that I didn't get anything done today or that my kids are constantly in my way - when in reality, I did a lot for them today, and I want to be grateful for them and all of the wonderful things that come with being a mom. It is my most important job and the easiest one to take for granted.

 But I have MISSED expressing my thoughts, ideas, and opinions over here. So bear with me as I try to continue to write and share what I can, when I can. It will be in between the spare moments of my momma hustle.


  1. Hey Kilee, nicely written post, as always! I find your openness and honesty to be so refreshing and REAL, so keep it up, and we'll tune in when you come up for air every now and then. Children are a blessing from God, and He's obviously blessed you a lot--that's great that you can put them first (I think that's as it should be).
    Kudos on all your successes with your business AND keeping the mommy train running smoothly (if not always on your preferred time schedule). You've got this! :-D

  2. I've not commented before, but I felt compelled today. Let's see if Google let's me. You are in the thick of it. The THICK of it. As a mom of three who's oldest is 17 and now applying for college, I remember the years you are in as a blur, but a blur with such fondness. However, at the time I remember thinking I could barely keep my head above water. It goes by in a blink. I know you hear this all the time and it's so tedious to hear from us older moms (46! gasp!), but it really, truly does. Sleep is delicious, but years of sleep are ahead of you. Years of nursing babies are not. Enjoy it or don't worry about it at least if you are still doing it to survive. :) Don't beat yourself up and certainly don't worry if you are blogging enough. Your family, your business, your home, your sanity and then your blog....readers like me who follow you will catch you in Bloglovin' or elsewhere and be happy to see you again! Enjoy it Kilee! You are doing a fantastic job! You are right where you should be in this season in life!

    1. I LOVE your comment Rhonda! Seriously, you sound like my own mom💛 And yes, Kilee I think you are doing an amazing job at just going your pace. Everything you've written here has me like: yep, yep, uh huh, can I get an AMEN?! I only have 2 kids right now and am not our main source of income, and still feel that I never have enough hours in the day to blog or design all that I want to! But I know it's okay and that this crazy time will pass, and I don't want to miss it or look back and regret not giving my babies more of my precious love, time, and attention!


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