Maternity Denim Gamechanger


First of all, I feel like I need to clarify that I'm not pregnant. I'm not. However, I have been pregnant in the last ten months, and I think I will be pregnant again sometime in the next ten months. So maternity clothing is still very relevant in my life. And I recently got word about some developments in maternity denim that made my heart sing. 

Maternity jeans are the most frustrating and essential part of my maternity wardrobe. Maternity jeans are just so hard to find and love. But I find and love jeans all the time when I'm not pregnant.
Well today, finding great maternity jeans just got a little bit easier. Madewell is releasing their line of maternity denim today, and I could not be more excited about it! I don't even wear maternity clothing right now, but just knowing that cool, well-fitting maternity denim from one of my favorite brands exists out there makes my style-loving momma heart happy.  I know I have readers who are expecting, so I was MORE than happy to be the messenger when Madewell asked if I would share this exciting  news. 

And how do I know they are great jeans? Because that is what Madewell is all about. This month they are sharing Denim Every Day, and it's pretty obvious they know what they're doing when it comes to denim. They are about great, edgy, perfectly on point denim. The jeans I'm wearing in this post are some of my current Madewell favorites, and that's exactly what they are. A little fashion forward, slightly husband-repelling (kidding, kidding), and edgy. 

Madewell now has four styles of maternity jeans (found in their denim section) that all look amazing. I love that they fit below the belly and that they look like every other pair of jeans you might have in your closet. Don't these just look like jeans you want to live in—pregnant or not? Okay, so seriously tell all of your expecting friends. This is huge news, and I know I'll be picking up every single one of these styles next time I'm pregnant. 

*This post is full of my opinions and my opinions only. While I was gifted product from Madewell, I really am just happy to share this awesome news. 


  1. Such a sleek, simple outfit! Love it :)

    Edye | Http://

  2. Such a simple and gorgeous outfit !
    xo, Priyanjana

  3. Totally in love with this outfit :) You look great !
    Jillian -

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