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This back to school season, we had three kids to shop for. We had three school supply lists, three haircuts, and three closets that needed a little love. After going through drawers and closets and deciding what clothes were still in good enough condition to wear to school, we ended up with a few things for each boy, but new items were definitely in order. You might think that with three boys, we'd have plenty of hand-me-downs to go around, but their clothes get so hammered! The holes and the stains and all the wear and tear mean that the pile of "play clothes" is huge, and the "allowable school clothes" pile is tiny.

So, school shopping was in order. We dabbled a bit online, and then OshKosh B'Gosh emailed about collaborating just in time to help this momma out. We recently got an OshKosh store in our hometown and hadn't even checked it out yet, but with the clock ticking down quickly to the first day, this week was the perfect time to do it. I knew I could find cute things for at least one of my boys there, even if it was just the toddler who was starting preschool.

But guess what? OshKosh had cute things for ALL of my boys. I was dying over the plaid flannels and the little boots, the dark denim and the graphic tees. So many cute little things. Of course my boys were captured by the ninja tees and the coordinating sportswear, but it really was almost all cute or cool enough that I could get on board with whatever they chose as their favorites. I told them to pick out a pile and we'd decide what worked together.

Easton went straight to the basketball gear. He picked out the jacket and the matching shirt and the matching shorts and the matching pants. It was all orange and navy, and it had to be his. I was really hoping he would go for the blue flannel button-up I pulled off the rack, but it was insanely adorable to see him love his choices so much. We took home all of the coordinating things, and if nothing else, I know he loves the clothes, he'll wear them, and he can pair them himself. His favorite piece was the jacket, so we made sure we had a few different ways he could wear it. Isn't he handsome?

Kesler is my dragon, ninja, fire, and skulls kind of kid, so he was drawn to the cool, glow-in-the-dark ninja tee and the skeleton bones shirt. They were the perfect choices for him. We also spent time picking out a new pair of shorts for him, as his denim cutoffs from this summer just weren't going to cut it for school.

Knox lives for diggers and the color orange, and somehow OshKosh had him covered too. He found lots of options with a digger theme and an orange color. He was thrilled with his "I can dig it" shirt and let me tell you, I've already washed it every day since we bought it. I'm sure you can see why. ;)

I don't have many go-to places to shop for my boys, but honestly OshKosh just made the short list from now on. We have family photos in a few weeks, and I'm sure I'll be back in there picking up those flannels and plaids for a mom's choice moment. ;)

If you haven't finished your school shopping yet or you need family photo clothes too, find your store here or shop online and use code OKBG3136 to get 25% off of your OshKosh purchase.

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