You Should Be Ready to Shop Early & 5 Ways to Do It

There are a lot of reasons I enjoy blogging, and one of those is sharing my love of fashion and style. I love finding ways to make a trend my own and sharing those here. I love giving outfit ideas or suggesting ways to wear something. And I love having this blog as a platform to be your virtual personal shopper. If I had time to help women one on one with their style I would really enjoy it, but I feel like blogging is a way to help lots of women all at once. I couldn't ask for a more fun job!
This week I'll have my personal shopper hat on because the best sale of the year starts on Thursday. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on July 14 for card holders, and it's a big deal in the blog and women-who-love-to-shop world. 
(Throw back to last Fall post-Anniversary sale with my pregnant self in one of my favorite sweaters, necklaces and boots that were part of the sale.)
To be completely honest, as a blogger, Nordstrom is a great place to make commissions. When anyone purchases through my links, I make a little bit of money, but Nordstrom definitely pays better than most. That's one reason so many bloggers buy a lot of things from Nordstrom. But that's not the only reason. 
Why does anyone who isn't a blogger get excited about the Anniversary Sale and buy stuff from Nordstrom? Because it's good stuff! Because it's (usually) high quality. Because the customer service is great. Because you get free shipping on everything, and it's super easy to return stuff. And the Anniversary Sale really does have amazing deals on the freshest stuff coming for fall. 
That being said, I've got a few tips for shopping the sale. It can be intimidating because there are SO many things on sale. So here are five things you can do to make the most of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

1. Make a list of items you've been looking at investing in. For me, this year I'm looking for a new wallet, designer jeans, and maybe a leather jacket of some kind. This sale is when more expensive items like those get marked down more than other times of the year. It's hard to invest in jeans or boots in July because you realistically can't wear them until September, but it's worth it to grab them during the Anniversary Sale because you'll be paying more later. Sunglasses might also be a part of this list for you.

2. Make a list of items you need to replace or stock up on. Not everyone has this on their mind, but if you think about it beforehand, you'll be able to shop smarter—just like taking a list to the grocery store. I love my classic black Zella leggings, and they often go on sale during this event. They aren't cheap, but if I buy a new pair each year when they are on sale, eventually I'll have more than enough pairs. Other items like this for me are nice athletic socks, workout clothes, bras, or underwear. Nice shampoo, makeup, or hair products also fit in here.

3. Make a list of the trendy items you're considering for fall or winter. This year I know I'm looking for white or very light colored ankle boots, a mid-calf sock boot, unique sweaters, colored fur jackets (maybe leopard), and really long, flared denim. Other items that I might shop could be jumpsuits, oversized cardigans, lace tops, and a wool fedora. (Man, just brainstorming that list made me so excited for fall!)

4. Get the Nordstrom debit card or credit card before Thursday. If you sign up now to be a cardholder you'll get a $10 gift certificate to use during the sale. Last year I finally signed up for the debit card a few days before the sale started, and I'm so glad I did! It kept me very careful of how much I spent, but it gave me access to the sale a week early. That meant I was able to order things before they sold out and also order things, try them, return them, and then reorder other things before the sale was over. The free shipping and free returns process is the easiest of any store ever, so I don't have to really commit until the items come, I try them on, and I decide what to keep. Last year I did all of my shopping online, and that is the way to do it! If you decide not to become a cardholder (I get it!), you can shop the sale starting July 22, and I'm sure you'll still find loads of good deals.
5. Get recommendations from people you trust. Plan on checking your favorite blogs on Thursday to see what their picks are for the sale. Bloggers treat covering the sale like it's their job, so you'll be sure to see the best deals advertised in blog posts starting Thursday. Even I have a few blogs that I enjoy checking to see what those stylish ladies chose as their top picks. Sometimes they see things I didn't see or fall in love with something I hadn't considered. 
And that's that! Feel free to check back here tomorrow for tips for shopping Nordstrom in general and on Thursday for a post rounding up my top initial picks. 

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