The Truth Is...

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The Internet is a tricky thing. Everyone is trying to put their best foot forward, but it's easy to think that we're the only ones with a...bad foot behind us..? Ha. Well you know what I mean, and you ought to know that I really value sharing both sides of the coin because it helps us all feel more normal. So today I thought I'd mention a few things that have been on my mind. The pretty pictures and the cute shoes and the happy kids are real. Our business growing and keeping us busy and happy is real. But there are also real struggles that I have too. So today I thought I'd confess. 

The truth is...

- Our water or our electricity almost get shut off every other month. It's not shocking at all anymore when I get a bill that has yellow or red warnings all over it. It's not because we can't pay them, I just forget to because they aren't on auto-pay. Things are so busy with work and kids and life that paying utility bills doesn't exactly happen like clockwork. Last month the guy literally came to shut off the gas, and I luckily had enough cash to pay him then and there. True story.

- My kids eat way too many hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and pizza. And it hurts to admit that! I majored in nutrition if you can believe it, so it's painful to realize how unhealthy our meals can get. But healthy eating takes planning, and planning takes time, and time is short. Some weeks I do really great at getting dinners made that are well rounded, and I'll even bake banana bread. Lots of other weeks it's takeout or the drive through four out of seven nights.

- I have to say no to a lot of things that I want to do. Someone recently asked me what I do for me that isn't related to work or family, and I had to say, "Um nothing." I blog, but I struggle to find time to do that, and even blogging is part of my job. I have to say no to pedicures with friends, girls' nights, social events, and alone time because there just is no extra time in this phase of life. I'm super lucky that I enjoy and have created a job for me and my husband that we love. But when what you love becomes your job, you still look for other hobbies too, you know?

- I talk about myself way too much. And I usually act like the world revolves around N&S. I mean for us it kind of does, but I need to do a better job at paying attention to other people. It's surprisingly hard. I struggle to talk about things other than work with people. Because we're in the beginning of growing our business, it can just be all-consuming. I might not have much else on my mind, or maybe other people have no idea what else to ask me about. I often have to consciously decide not to talk about N&S at all, and then my brain goes to sleep because it's all, "What else is there?"

- It's hard to accept or ask for help. But when you are growing a business, all you need is help. We constantly have too much to do and not enough hands that know how to do it. So we border on asking too much of our people and definitely can't say thank you enough to make up for it. I'd rather just do it all myself, and the truth is I totally can't. 

- We have tons of good problems. And we try to be grateful for them.

- Good problems can be just as crushing as bad ones. 

- Lots of days I'm doing my best and it's not enough. It's not enough so I let people down, I let myself down, and things end up in ways I didn't intend.
- Life is messy and everyone has problems. No one's best is good enough, which is why we have a Savior. And that's what helps me wake up every day and keep going, keep trying, keep pushing through good and bad problems with the hope that everything will work itself out in the end. 


  1. Thank you for your honest post. As a mother of two, I have the same struggles and then some. Its nice to know you're not alone.

  2. I totally admire your honesty in this post, I think a lot more people could be doing with being honest. It seems we are all caught up in trying to live the 'perfect life' and competing with each other to be like this.

    The truth is... that most of us are just winging it!

    Carrie xo


  3. Thank you for being real. You've always been, that's what I love about you. Oh, and the earrings, love my earrings! Wear them every single day.

  4. I love the honest reflection on needing Jesus. Don't we all!! I am a busy mom too and I find that sometimes I need to force myself to stop and rest. The Devil just wants to keep me occupied and stressed and God is whispering to me that I need to make time to quiet myself.... Here's a few tips that work for me, maybe they will help you. Every Sunday I devote twenty minutes to cleaning out the refrigerator, noting what's in there and making a quick dinner menu/grocery list. Sometimes it's just "pasta night" or "mexican". I stick the list in my purse and try to go stock up as soon as I can. I also make double batches and we have leftover night (or I put the leftovers in the freezer for another night). The freezer is my deadly weapon on rushed nights. I also took the time to type up a master grocery list in the order of my favorite store- so I just cross the items off as I need them and it has saved tons of time because I cut my shopping time in half. (OCD yes, but it has worked beautifully even beyond my expectation). I sit down with bills twice a month- the 1st and 15th of the month. I set an appointment in my calendar and just force myself to do it on those days and ignore the other days. ... Please don't be discouraged. You have gifts and talents that God has designed into you and He is pleased when you point others to Him. Maybe you have a friend with a knack for bill organization or cooking that would help out in exchange for free earrings or outfit styling? ;)

  5. Kilee - I love this post! I love your raw honesty. I feel so much better just reading this, because my goodness - life has gotten tough lately. I feel like I never do "enough" all.the.time! I am trying my best to rest in HIM and know that He's got this. Keeping your family and business in my prayers. I love reading your blog, following you on Instagram, and I cannot wait to make my first N&S purchase - just as soon as I convince the hubby it's a necessity. =)

  6. Hi Kilee, we've all been there, I'll bet! Even though I am not trying to manage a household of four children AND a successful, growing business AND keep a blog running all at once, there was so much I could relate to in your post, whew! I think you have a great attitude, because we can't do it all perfectly, and definitely not without help along the way. The Scriptures tell us that "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." So when the lights suddenly go out or the kids complain about cereal for dinner again, light a candle, pour some milk, and humble yourself before your God. He will see you through to the end. (You've got this!) :-)

  7. P.S. I agree with Leslie's suggestion above, that it might help to set an actual appointment on your calendar for paying bills, and pick a date or two per month to do it. I have adopted this habit at work, and it really does function well for me. A to-do item, it seems, is more likely to get noticed by me if it shows up on my daily appointments list than if it's one more item on an already too-long to-do list. More power to you, and keep writing! We love your products and we care about you too!

  8. I just want to say Thank You for your post. We all could use a little more honesty (especially women), for ourselves and for others. We are all trying to do our best...and yes, as you said it- sometimes it just isn't enough but it's okay. I also LOVE your point that we have problems but many are good problems and that even though we are thankful it doesn't mean it isn't difficult. I am so feeling where you seem to be (in another realm of course, b/c I am not growing a business or have a little baby still in my house, but am completing my B.S. and raising 2 young kids while a husband works a small business and teaches full time to allow me to stay at home while doing what I need to) but your feelings and sentiment really resonated with me and I appreciate and perhaps even NEEDED your candor today! Sometimes I have to juggle bills around, figure out how to get it all done in a day, not worry too much about ME and my "things" good and bad, and remember that other people are living around me, too. I also, in my anxiousness try but sometimes fail to remember I am lucky and that most in my life is infact good.
    Thank you, Thank made my day. and gave me reason to pause. I think I will go and put on my diffuser, try to take 5 minutes to breathe and have some quiet before I make dinner and thank my Savior for my good problems and try to help me through the not so good ones. Keep're doing great!

  9. I totally miss bills too. I'd die if my utilities couldn't be on auto-pay. I need to share more of the financial responsibility with my husband but rationalize that it is too much to explain or he has too many other things to handle. I've tried carving out time for myself when I actually do things like cook or fold laundry or do dishes.mi like to listen to books on Audible(self-development or even escape into a novel

  10. Thank you for your honest post. Often times we see things on the internet and are lead to believe peoples lives are constantly full of roses and sunshine. Thanks again for keeping it real!

  11. Yes, this is real life! I often have a song from the Christian radio station stuck in my head "life is a journey, there is joy and regret. Through it all you are my God." It's really been on my mind during this busy time of life.

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  13. OH MAN THANK YOU - seriously. We all have struggles and a lot going on and when you work so hard and want to be successful, you rarely show how vulnerable you really are. My husband and I are both high school teachers and coaches. We work more than full time. My husband started his Master's degree last July (right after I found out I was pregnant with my first child). Today, we submitted his final portfolio for his degree. In the meantime, we started two businesses ( and ( while teaching and coaching full time. Our baby girl had colic for the first three months of her life and I had to go back to work after 6 weeks - I taught 9th grade English and coached track and field. blah blah blah, needless to say, we are bussssssyyyyyy and I often forget to pay certain bills.

    We receive notifications that our power, or water, or cable will be turned off. Then I pay them, and the world goes on.

    We all do the best we can, and it is so comforting to see someone who seems to have their life so put together, offer such an honest post and let us connect.

    God bless,

    Hannah Miller

  14. Thank you for your honesty. I've been in this blogging business since 2006 and it is tough. My twin sister and I are both single moms supporting our families through our blog and the pressure is huge. My life is parenting and work with no time for anything else. I know I am so blessed and I thank God every day for my crazy, work-at-home life, but it isn't easy.

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