Men's and Boy's Anniversary Sale Picks

Well, I'm sure you know by now, but we are knee deep in the Anniversary Pre-Sale. The sale opens up to all shoppers on the 22nd and I'm rounding up all of the things for all of the family so you can shop now or then.

 I don't shop at Nordstrom all of the time for Soren or the boys, but every once and a while we do. We'll order things that we want to be higher quality or when they are on sale and today I've rounded up some of those things. We really like shopping at Nordstrom Rack for Soren and I found some really similar deals in the men's section this time around. He dresses pretty casually because we own our own business, but I find that most guys need the most help in the casual clothes department. Here are just a few things that Soren and I both approve of.


And for the kids section, I've just rounded up the boys' stuff. I have never shopped for girls and I wouldn't know where to start (or stop!). So here are a few of my favorites for little boys right now.


Do you shop for your husband or your boy's? Are they too picky or do they let you?

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