How to Shop at Nordstrom Online- 10 Tips


SHIRT (local boutique) // JEANS (sold out) // SHOES // PURSE (sold out) // SUNNIES
Photo credit- Sarah Sweeney
When I first started shopping consistently at Nordstrom, I was overwhelmed to say the least. It is such a big store with so many different brands, so many different price points, and a huge range of styles. I found it difficult to find things that fit my style without scrolling through page after page after page. But I've learned a few things and found a few practices that work for me. So because the Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow, I thought I'd share my tips and pointers for navigating such a beast of an online store. 
1. Search by brand. My favorite brands to search through are LUSH, Madewell, Hinge, Leith, ASTR,  BP, and Free People. I'll search by brand and then sort by newest item first or sale first. 
2. Filter by price. I like to filter the new arrivals to items under $100. I'll also search women's tops or bottoms under $50. Nordstrom carries such a wide range of brands and prices that I find it easier to sort through things if I limit the highest price to be something in my budget. 
3. Make a wishlist. If you find something you like but can't afford to splurge on or aren't sure about yet, just add it to your wishlist. It's super easy to do, and then you have a list you can hand your hubby to shop for your birthday or you can keep an eye on that one pair of shoes you want. 
4. Read reviews. The reviews are always super helpful to read when you are shopping online. I'm not one that ever fills them out (oops!), but I love reading other people's. Usually if multiple people mention the same thing, then you can take it for truth. 
5. Open a debit card or credit card. You get points for purchases on your card, and those add up to gift certificates. I have a debit card, and it works well for me. If you have wiggle room in your debit card account, I would say go with that. If you can afford to add another credit card to your wallet, then maybe go with that option. And right now if you sign up you can get a $10 certificate to use towards the Anniversary Sale. 
6. Pay attention to the sales. Nordstrom has things on sale all the time but the biggest sales are the Anniversary Sale and the Half Yearly Sale. There are also amazing deals right around Black Friday.
7. Don't be afraid to order multiple sizes and styles of things. It's much easier for me to try things on at home and have options than it is to buy one thing and have it be wrong. The whole process of finding a darn swimsuit or a pair of jeans could take weeks if I don't order multiple options at once.
8. Things often restock. And things often sell out. So if the item you want is sold out in your size, just check back every day or so and you should be able to get it. 
9.  Be choosy. Because items from Nordstrom are usually a higher price point than Target or GAP, don't settle. Return those jeans if something about them doesn't feel just right. Take the time to size up if a sweater is a tad too snug. 
10. Be willing to try new things. If you are shopping somewhere new, you never know what you'll find that you like or even love! Take a chance on new-to-you brands, especially if they come recommended by someone who's style you love. 
Do you prefer to shop online or in store these days? I find it's a big deal to actually get in the store to shop, so perfecting online shopping is my quest. ;) 


  1. YES! I agree w/ everything you said! I started shopping online about 2-3 years ago at Nordstrom! What sold me was the free shipping and returns! Super convenient for this stay at home mom!

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  4. Great review! Question though, do you have to use a Nordstrom Card to shop the sale early? Or can you still get early access (with a card) and use another form of payment? I'd figure you would know. Thanks!


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