How to Wear Overalls and Still Look Your Age

Overalls have been an emerging trend for the last few years, and only in the last six months did I decide to try them. I'm aware that I'm a mom who has four kids, and sometimes that means there are certain trends that aren't for me. But MOST of the time I find that I can wear a trend my own way. And trying out the overall trend has been no different. So today I've got a few tips for how I've found I feel like a grownup while still wearing overalls.  

1. Pair them with a heeled bootie and a fitted long-sleeve tee. The best case scenario with overalls is to pair them with a fitted tee underneath. A low heel is always more flattering and feminine than a flat shoe.

2. Try layering them with a jacket or an oversized cardigan. This can add unnecessary bulk, and it's obviously something you would try when things cool down, but it can look really cool and interesting.

3. Pair them with a fitted half-sleeve tee and slip-on sneakers. This is the classic way to wear overalls in the summer. Cuffing the overalls is also a trick to update the look of this type of denim.

4. Wedges. Enough said. Wedges make everything look better in my book.

5. A graphic tee or baseball tee and Converses. I like a graphic tee under overalls because you can't see the whole shirt, but you get the idea of the graphic. It's a little edgy and definitely cool.

6. Platform sandals and stripes. This is another fun summer look. Stripes pair well under overalls, and platform sandals are always a win. 

And my tip for buying overalls? Buy overalls that fit slim. My overalls are from Old Navy last Fall and they finally brought them back- but in a darker wash. They look so cute! The risk you run with loose-fitting overalls is that your body can look apple shaped. The taper in the leg and the straps at the top can make your middle appear wide. A slim cut leg and torso on overalls makes for the most flattering figure. I have yet to try flared overalls, but I think those could also help with the apple shape dilemma. And the Anniversary Sale has a pair on sale right now for less than $50!

I've linked up some of my favorite overalls below. Have you tried this trend yet? 


  1. Just discovered your blog last week. Thanks so much for the overall advice and ideas. I just bought a pair from J Crew (Point Sur brand- Made in Los Angeles). They are on final sale so it was a bit of a gamble because they cannot be returned. Fortunately I love them. I went with my normal size in
    J Crew clothes and they fit great. They are fitted (not baggy, not tight)and a little cropped (I'm 5'5") and somehow look cute with every pair of shoes I have. ~JD

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