Capsule Wardrobes for the Office and for Home

The business casual world is one that I haven't had to dress for in years, but I had a few readers ask for help picking out some basics from the sale. I've done my best to pick a small, more affordable capsule wardrobe from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. These pieces should all work together well and mix and match. You'll also need some accessories and a jacket or two, but all of these items will add a lot to your work wardrobe.


I also wanted to put together a sort of capsule wardrobe for moms or women who work from home. These items are more casual, but will still help you feel put together everyday. Most of these should work together and any of them will elevate your current closet. AND most of them are under $100 and even under $50. 

I hope these shopping lists help! A lot of items from the sale have sold out so I've tried to include only items that are still in stock. Let me know if there are any other items you'd like help finding. I really enjoy wearing my personal shopper hat, but I promise I won't be posting about the Anniversary Sale forever. 


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