Swimwear for a Mom of Four Kids- This Year's Winners


Every year (and with every kid), I feel like it gets harder and harder for me to find a swimsuit. I prefer to stick to one pieces or tankinis, and because of having babies every other year for the last six years, I'm never the same size each summer. Last year I had a maternity suit from Topshop, and this year it definitely doesn't fit. 

The biggest challenge I'm facing after four kids is boob support. I'm still nursing so I haven't gone completely flat, but I definitely need all the help I can get. And for some reason that is so hard to find! All of the fun one pieces I've wanted or tried this year just haven't had the padding, underwire, or function to keep things in the right place! After buying and returning many, many suits, I finally settled on two (plus one option from the past that still works!). 

The year before last, I did find a great mom-friendly combination that I still love, which is a rash guard, bikini top, and bikini bottoms. It's perfect for keeping me covered and cool on hot days at the pool. The only thing I have found about rash guards is that I freeze in them when I'm swimming inside or if it's not 90+ degrees. So it doesn't work great at hotels or indoor pools or early in the summer. This striped guard is from Old Navy a few years back and it's not available anymore, but Lands End has some. The bikini top and bottoms are my favorite, and they are still available! The top is super supportive, and the bottoms have great coverage. 

The other two suits I ended up choosing are really fun, and I love them both! I started my search looking for the perfectly chic black mom-suit, but ended up with two bright-colored one pieces. The orange mesh cut-out suit from Seafolly was a splurge, but it's such a great suit. I've received so many compliments on it, and I know it will be a suit I'll continue to love. 
The support on this orange suit is moderate, and it feels/looks like sports bra coverage. It doesn't exactly lift, but it does hold things in and up. It has padding to keep me from nipping out and although it has cut-outs in it, the mesh keeps it looking modest and fresh.

The aqua suit is also such a great color and cut. It has plenty of padding for the chest, and with the detachable strap, it stays up well. I did go up one size in this suit for length. Once I did that, it felt like it would stay up better. The ruching is also nice if you need tummy support. 

Both of these suits look great with a tan and even make you look tan when you aren't quite... 


As far as other pool accessories, I love throwing on a metal cuff or some beaded bracelets with my swimsuits. Our N&S leather cuffs and earrings will get damaged if they get wet, so I keep a few metal ones around for occasions like these. It's amazing how much they add to a pool outfit! 

These are my sunglasses that I live in daily, but I have my eye on trying these and these as well. I like Haviana flip flops for the pool, or some like these from Old Navy. And don't forget a big tote, cute towels, and a water bottle too!


  1. I totally agree that it is sooo hard to find swimsuits with boob support. After nursing 4 kids, I need a swimsuit that lifts my saggy deflated balloon boobs. :) Thanks for the links.

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  3. Lands End has the BEST canvas pool bags ever! Get the extra large size and you can fit everything you need for 4 kids at the pool in it!! I own two!! And I am in LOVE with your Asos swimsuit!!! Want it so bad!

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