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As it happens sometimes, life hasn't been going as planned. I like to think that I can roll with things pretty well these days, but last week really threw me for a loop. I will definitely be sharing more about it all, but last week our offices for Nickel & Suede that were under renovation collapsed and Baker broke his leg on the same day. Work and life and all of our planned plans went out the window and this week I'm just trying to recover. Mother's Day was just another day as a mom with a sick little guy. But that's life. Being a mom doesn't pause even on, and especially on Mother's Day. 

I had hoped to share about this company last week, but today I wanted to introduce you to a great company that is all about moms. The Akola Project is a nonprofit organization that works to empower women all over the world. They have a presence in Uganda where they offer women opportunities to provide for their families by making beautiful jewelry (a profession I'm kind of passionate about!) Akola also funds other projects in communities to improve infrastructure and education. The Akola Project sent me this beautiful necklace and although I rarely wear necklaces, I love the simple beauty of their products. There are many ways to spend money on yourself or on others this year, but I think its important to be aware of the impact our purchases can make- whether that means shopping a small business in your community or purchasing to directly benefit a family in another part of the world. 

But who am I preaching too? If you read my blog, I know you're already the kind of person who would agree with me 100%!

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