Overall Amazing


TEE- Splendid // Overalls- Old Navy // BOOTS- Nordstrom // BAG- Toms // EARRINGS- N&S Natural/Nude // NECKLACE- Bip & Bop // SUNNIES- Ray Ban 

So it took me a long time to get on the overall trend. I liked them on other people and kept intending to try them out, but then I got pregnant. And sometimes pregnancy isn't the best time to try out a new trend. So I waited. 

After I had Baker, I decided to try a romper- another new piece for me. And I liked it! Even though you have to get halfway undressed to go to the bathroom and even though my baby is the only other person I know in real life that wears rompers, I still liked it. 

And that is when I realized I could do overalls. Overalls feel a lot like a romper and there are so many cool pairs out there right now. Unlike the overalls of 20 years ago, today's overalls are slim fitting and much more flattering. This pair is distressed, cuffed and fit really cute. I've also got my eye on a darker pair and the long flared overalls that are popping up in a few places. 

As seen last week, you can definitely layer with overalls. A jacket or a big cardigan can create some interesting outfits, but my husband says that is when you lose the cuteness. He really likes my overalls as long as I'm wearing a fitted tee under them. Which is definitely my first recommendation as how to wear them. Pair them with any kind of fitted tee- striped, graphic, long sleeve or short sleeve. You can wear them with ankle boots, sneakers, wedges, espadrilles or plenty of other shoe options.

If you are very thin or very fashion forward, then try wearing overalls with more interesting options like a sweater or button up shirt underneath and runners or heels as your shoe choice. You can really dress this denim up or down and go really conservative or really trendy. It's up to you. But don't be afraid to try them. These babies will really mix up your wardrobe and add an element of fun you didn't know was missing from your closet. ;)


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