Life as a Family of Six


Life as a family of six. Where to begin? I've had this post in the works for a while, but the truth is that life as a family of six is busier than life as a family of five. So blogging has been tough to fit in. Who knew? These photos are from the first two weeks of Baker's life and we are coming up on seven in real time. 7 weeks! I know its cliche, but that is crazy! The time has definitely flown by, but it also feels like we've had our little Baker forever. He has definitely integrated into this family of boys and interrupted most of our previous normals. I'm now in pursuit of new normals and if you've had a baby recently you know that a new normal doesn't stay normal for long. Things are always changing and that's good and bad. 

The first few weeks with a newborn are always incredibly long because you are literally awake for all of it. Like I've been awake for seven weeks straight people. And that's just life as mom of a newborn. Okay, I've snuck in a few naps, but the reality of the other three kids and the current growth of our business has meant very little sleep. So yep. I'm guessing you can guess my emotional and mental state. C. R. A. Z. Y. and a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

But  I do so love having a new baby! Babies are the most wonderful creatures on earth and it's been so sweet to have a new tiny little thing that loves me in my arms again. Baker isn't my easiest baby, but he's a momma's boy and there is something wonderful about that. Now that he has hit six weeks things have gotten a little easier as far as fussing goes. He's more content in general and even cracks some pretty darn cute smiles. 

The boys have adjusted pretty well, but not perfectly. I tell people that before we had a baby nobody cried. Now everybody cries. And that feels true. Before we had Baker we were in a good place where everyone could take care of themselves to some degree and all of the kids seemed like 'big kids'. Since having Baker, Knox has turned back into much more of a baby- more crying, more fussing, more tantrums. And part of that is his age, but a lot of it is him figuring out where he fits in the family now. Which is understandable, but still exhausting. Kesler has always been emotional and that hasn't changed. So at almost any point in the day or evening at out house, you can count on at least one person having a meltdown- Mom and Dad included. 

Per usual after having a baby, the house has had it's ups and mostly downs. Laundry and dishes have been limping along and pizza has been a nightly favorite- but honestly that's how life would be with or without a new baby during November. We've been selling more earrings than ever and the holiday season is busy no matter if we have a baby or not. 

Overall I would say this has been my quickest recovery after having a baby. It's been a necessary blessing and I would say one of the benefits of having a fourth. The fourth kid is where I'm putting all of my parenting know-how to work. It's not easy, but it's not entirely crushing. I know how quickly time goes and that if there is a bad day or rough night, there will be a good day or a better night coming to make up for it. I wouldn't have asked for a newborn during this crazy, crazy time of life- but I wouldn't change it either. If we can survive and try to thrive through these last days of 2015, I can do anything right?! 

Thanks for keeping up with us and being so supportive. You're the best!


  1. Can't even imagine having a newborn and 3 other kids plus running a business! I'd be happy to have managed to shower in your position, let alone everything you are doing. Well done :) Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I love both the truth and joy that shine through. I must say having added a new little one to our family I hear ya' on the no sleep and increased chance of someone crying 😂

  3. I love that you are honest, yet still obviously positive and happy! Good on you! Now that my kids are grown and our stresses include things like junior year finals and 8th grade projects and 5th grade bench marks...I remember the newborn days as a literal blur. Toddler years as also a literal blur. I look back and wish so desperately I could go back and do it again knowing what I know now. :) I'm sure in ten years I will feel the same about these years. Such is life. Just try to enjoy it as much as you can, but I love that you are giving yourself the space to realize that every day isn't going to be roses! It's so hard! But just keep loving everyone including yourself as much as you can and know you're doing great!

  4. You look so great! I can't believe you just had a baby in these photos. I'm a mom of two and it's busy, you're definitely an inspiration! Thank you for being so genuine and honest, while still remaining upbeat.
    Merry Christmas, to your family of six!

  5. Loved this post! I totally get all of this since I had my 4th a couple years ago. No sleep, someone always crying, not enough time - I feel ya! I promise it gets better. It's nice to hear about the struggles and the joys. Wishing you all the best!

  6. I like how honest you are. Really refreshing! You are really my idol as I would love to be a stylish, successful mama of four! I only have two and I feel tired and still figuring out who I am, and utterly unqualified to have any more children. Your family is gorgeous and cheers to keeping it real! :D

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