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SWEATER- Target (old) // PANTS- A Pea in the Pod // HAT- Nordstrom // BOOTS- Frye (old- but love these) // EARRINGS- Nickel & Suede Signature Silver large

When Soren and I got married we found out in every way possible, how much we are total opposites. I think we had an idea while we were dating, but we knew we had the important things in common so that is all we focused on. Soren likes to camp in the snow, I don't like to camp at all. He loves fruity desserts, I think of ice cream as merely a vehicle for eating chocolate toppings. He thinks the view from a mountain can't be beat and I think cows grazing in the country is the prettiest. So clearly- we are opposites.

 Over the Summer on our long road trip we took the kids hiking and although I was a good sport and even enjoyed it- that was Soren's ideal family activity. My turn came this weekend as we headed to the pumpkin patch for some super traditional and cliche Fall fun. 

It doesn't take reading many other pumpkin patch blog posts to imagine what we did at the patch, but it was just perfect. We tried out the Fun Farm in Kearney, MO this year and although it was pricey (they all are right?)- it was a good one.The baby animals were so adorable, the corn pit was basically a swimming pool full of corn, and the pumpkins were way too expensive for this momma. We did sample some caramel apples and pumpkin doughnuts and Soren spun the kids on the biggest tire swing of their lives. (See above. Sorry for video quality- I still think its fun. I  know a lot of people are using Snapchat for video these days, but I haven't jumped on board yet. What do you think of Snapchat? Are you over there?) The weather was perfect and we got cute pics. I couldn't ask for anything more. 

Have you gone to the pumpkin patch this year? What other outings do you always plan in October?


  1. While I can see the pull of a fun filled day, I'm just so annoyed at the expense of all pumpkin patches here in the metro! Where is just a farm where you can go grab some funky looking pumpkins & not pay an arm & a leg for all the extra? I just wanna buy pumpkins! On a farm! With my kids! Not at wal-mart. And not spending $40 for a family of 4 just to get into the farm!

  2. This is my type of outing, too. You look ADORABLE by the way.

  3. For some reason... I just can't jump on the Snapchat train. I miss out on so many pics and videos from my friends because they all have it and I don't. I don't know what it is... just not interested at all.

  4. I used to think Snapchat was weird, and for high school kids, haha, but it is kind of fun. I post more random, silly things, because they don't stay in existence forever. Less risk, haha.


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