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Well I'm still convinced October is the best month of the year- and I don't care how many people agree. It must be true if we all think it right?! It's sweater weather and even boot weather and there are so many good things coming up. Today I thought I'd share a few things I'm looking forward to this week. I could talk all day long about how little sleep I'm getting or the cold I'm coming down with, but I'd rather just focus on the fun and the positive things coming down the pipes.
1. All things Halloween. And honestly I don't even like Halloween as a holiday. BUT I am excited to be excited with my kids. They are looking forward to a Trunk or Treat at our church, Easton's school party and then official Trick or Treating on Saturday. Soren and I don't normally like to dress up, but we have some fun costumes that I hope to pull together, at least for the church party. I volunteered to run the snack station at Easton's class party which is just one reason baby needs to stay put for another week. For Halloween I usually stay home and pass out the candy while Soren walks the kids around. I'm sure that will be the case this year- anything to keep this baby cooking a little longer. 
2. Girls Night Out/ Baby Shower. I'm not a huge advocate of having baby showers past your first few kids, but I do love getting together with friends to celebrate the end of pregnancy and a new baby on the way. My sweet friends put together a girls night out for me this week and I'm looking forward to getting dressed up and spending time with them. 
3. Crossing things off my pre-baby list. I'm making progress, but there are definitely still a few things left on my list to get done before baby arrives. I've got some serious grocery shopping to do and freezer stocking to work on. Which reminds me of something else on my list- figuring out online grocery shopping and delivery. Our Hy-Vee recently started offering local delivery and I think it will be the best new service in my life.  I'm also looking forward to finishing the nursery and our bedroom this week. I've been painting walls, making Soren hang stuff, and finding the last little decor details. It's amazing how much more adultish it feels to have an intentionally decorated bedroom and a refreshed nursery. My crazy nesting momma hormones are feeling almost fulfilled. 
4. The World Series. We are so excited to watch our home team, the Royals, play in the World Series this week. And not only watch them play, but watch them play here in our hometown! Soren and I bought tickets to Game 1, but we decided against me going with him. He is going to take Easton as a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm sure they will have a fabulous time. I don't think there is any way I could comfortably last through even half of the game at the stadium. But I sure wish I could! 
5. Launching our Nickel & Suede holiday line- AND our new website. This is the number one reason I can't have the baby quite yet. I'm not quite ready for the launch! We've been cooking up our holiday line and new website for months and we're sharing them on Monday! I've been hard at work finishing off those details so get excited! I sure am!
What are you looking forward to this week? Any must-do's I should add to my list before baby #4 arrives?


  1. I wish I could remember what it's called, but there is an all delivery grocery store in Johnson county, near Olathe my sister loves. I'm not sure where you guys are in KC, but the delivery concept is definitely appealing!

  2. Way to end October with a bang! I am so amazed at how much you've accomplished with your business and blog. Make sure to add a big pat on the back to your end of month list here.
    (Side note: I get asked all.the.time about your products - which I exclusively wear. Just yesterday, I was stopped in Target for someone to have a closer look at the N&S pebbled black earrings. Yes, she wrote down your website, too. #needmoreofyourbusinesscardstogiveout)
    Much love Kilee!

  3. HyVee online shopping is LIFE CHANGING. The delivery is a dream and even store pick-up is great because you can order everything and hubby picks up and he doesn't get the wrong thing! Congrats on your new little bundle of joy!


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