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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by A Pea in the Pod®, through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about A Pea in the Pod, all opinions are my own.    

TEE-  A Pea in the Pod® // PANTS- A Pea in the Pod® // SHOES- Old Navy (similar) // BAG- Chicwish // EARRINGS- N&S Antique Gold // WATCH- Daniel Wellington

Whenever I find myself alone running errands (a rare occurrence), I find that strangers assume I'm having my first baby. I should take it as a compliment, but it really shocks them if I reveal that, no- I'm actually expecting my fourth. I've been pregnant a few times before and I've learned a few things about the pregnant me- especially when it comes to how I dress.

When I was pregnant with my first and my second, we were fresh out of college with no money and I really fell victim to the belief that maternity clothes weren't worth investing in. I only bought a few things on sale and I did not feel like myself during either pregnancy. I felt like I never had anything to wear and what I did have wasn't what I wanted to wear. 

When I was pregnant with Knox, I did a little better. I intentionally bought a few more maternity things, but this pregnancy is when I have decided that maternity clothes really do matter. It's easy for husbands or friends to tell you that nine months isn't very long- but ask any pregnant woman how long nine months feels. IT FEELS LONG. And you still have to get dressed every day during those nine months. You have to dress a body that doesn't feel like yours, doesn't really feel good in general and looks quite a bit different than your pre- pregnancy body for quite a while. Nothing makes that worse than clothes that don't fit, pants that don't stay up and a minimal wardrobe that doesn't fit your style. 

As you know my style is very basic, with a twist. I love to wear a lot of basic wardrobe pieces, mixed in with trendy shoes, bags or jewelry. So good maternity basics are just a no-brainer for me. To build any wardrobe I think women need great basics- so why should it be different during pregnancy? 

 I've had really great success finding basics at A Pea in the Pod® that are high quality and make me feel like myself. I'm talking about basic tees, black denim, olive cargo pants and distressed denim. And having tried quite a few pairs of maternity pants and basic tees, I can tell you it feels amazing to have maternity pants that actually stay up and also stretch in all of the right places. The A Pea in the Pod website has a large selection of designer maternity denim, as well as their own line of denim, leggings and other on-trend pant options.

I can definitely say that I wish I had invested in maternity basics a few pregnancies back. High-quality, well fitting maternity clothes, like these from A Pea in the Pod, have made a world of difference in my ability to get dressed, feel good and feel like myself throughout the last seven months. And that means a lot coming from someone who is 35+ weeks pregnant! 

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