Sunday Style- Summer Blanket Scarf and a Whole Lot of Injustice


DRESS- Nordstrom // SHOES- Thrifted (similar) // SCARF- Nordstrom // BAG- Thrifted // CUFF- Stitch Fix // EARRINGS- N&S Pebbled Black Cut Out (large) // WATCH- Jord c/o

I love color, but you probably wouldn't know it- whether you examine most of my outfits around here or if you were to see me while I'm folding my laundry. My personal laundry pile consists of black, gray, white and more gray. With a pair of blue jeans thrown in there. But when I saw this scarf recently I knew that A.) I loved the colors and B.) It would go great with my monochromatic wardrobe. What I didn't know was how big it would be! It is definitely the Summer version of the blanket scarf- which is awesome and it can also be tricky. I ended up draping it around like the model on the website, but then I tied the two ends loosely under the middle section so it looks more like a bandanna shape. I love that it has black, turquoise and the perfect poppy red because you can pull a lot of colors from it when you style it. 

And now that we've dissected my outfit a bit- I wanted to mention something a little more substantial. Over this weekend I've been browsing Facebook quite a bit and rather than it being fun or entertaining, it's been really depressing. The pictures that people have been sharing of the crises all over the world are just horrific. I've had to just close my apps and step away several times because I can't handle the heartbreaking things that people are and aren't doing around the world. The terrible conditions that babies, women and children are facing and the awful abuse that is being allowed is just more than my heart can handle. It makes me feel so angry and so helpless at the same time. I found myself wishing that God would just stop it and prevent such terrible people from being so... terrible.

 I rarely watch the news and I especially try to avoid heartbreaking news. But having been exposed to so much evil in just a few days, I can see how so many people choose fear and doubt and pessimism rather than having faith and optimism in the world we live in. I'm even finding it hard to choose faith in the presence of such injustice.  But as I've been thinking about it, I've realized even more that choosing faith is the only thing that I can do. Rather than being consumed by the news and the evil, I can find ways to be aware and then step away from it. I need to really focus on strengthening my faith and my understanding of God's plan so that the bad can't shake me. I can pray for the people suffering and the people in positions to help and for my faith so that I don't doubt the good just because there is evil too. I do believe that God is aware and in charge and He will send peace even when things seem so hopeless. 

So I'm praying tonight for all of the people in the world that are suffering so much and I'm choosing to believe that my prayers will make a difference for others. And for myself. 

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  1. I'm from Austria, where a lot of refugees have landed in the last couple of days. Most of them are on their way to Germany or other countries now but thousands of refugees have come to Austria this year to stay (at least as long as they are allowed to). The past seven days have been amazing. So many Austrians have helped, either by buying food and warm clothes (Summer has come to an end last week) or by distributing the goods and spreading love. Our police, our railroad company, everyone has been helping without asking too many questions. Of course, there's a lot of injustice and the people from Syria and other countries have been on the move for sometimes more than three months and a lot of them still are. But there's also a lot of people with a big heart and with faith who help.


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