Monochromatic Olive for Fall- Maternity Style


TUNIC- Nordstrom // SWEATER- Nordstrom // JEANS- Asos // SHOES- Thred Up // GLASSES- David Kind // EARRINGS- N&S Woven Brown- large 

I'm 32 weeks and time is flying. Now that September has come, November doesn't seem so far away- especially since I'm due right at the beginning of the month. I'll admit I'm getting a little anxious about the whole "having a baby" process- which is funny because its not like I haven't done it before. The thing about it is though, every labor and delivery is different. My first two kids were both very similar- things went really quickly and before I knew it I had a baby in my arms. Knox's delivery took longer and was more painful than Easton or Kesler. I feel a little traumatized from the pain of that delivery and the pain of my miscarraige last year- so I'm praying this delivery is quick and easy like my firsts. I also feel a little anxious about having a healthy baby this time around. Even if the doctor says everything looks great- I feel like I won't believe it until he is in my arms and all limbs, fingers, toes and vital stats are accounted for. It's amazing what a miscarriage and being less naive as you get older does for you. 

Now after the baby arrives, I have all the confidence that things will go great. We will have plenty of help and I expect to be back on my feet and back at it in no time. Work will be really busy that month (and the next!) but I know we'll pull through and thank goodness newborns sleep all of the time. 

I haven't done one of these in a while- so why not?

HOW FAR ALONG: 32 weeks. So close- but not too close.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Yes and no. I still wear lots of non-maternity items (like this tunic and sweater) but I wear plenty of maternity items too.

WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS: Not sure. I don't weigh myself, but I think in the range of 25 lbs.

MOVEMENTS: The baby moves a lot these days. My boys have a fun time feeling him kick and roll around- which is adorable.

FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS: Still loving cereal- but when don't I? My heartburn has been out of control if I forget to take my daily pill for it. So pizza and chocolate both about killed me earlier this week.

WHAT I MISS: Working out and non-maternity pants.

SLEEP: Not so much. I'm waking up quite a bit for no reason these days. But then in the afternoons I'm dying for a nap.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Lots of exciting work projects, busting out my Fall sweaters, our town Fall Festival this month, Easton's first soccer game next week, and living up these next 8 weeks during the best time of the year!

Any other questions? Feel free to leave them below or email me!


  1. LOVE that olive cardigan. You look great, and 32 weeks will fly by! My first son came at 36wk so I didn't have time to even think but the second came on his due date so it was like torture waiting for the hammer to drop, so-to-speak! What a great time to have a baby, though (mine are Fall babies, too:D) You can enjoy the cool crisp weather and all the fun Fall festivities and then roll right into enjoying an addition during the holidays! Good luck to you these next weeks!

  2. You look great!!! Miscarriage does do a number on you. I have a healthy two year old and have had 3 miscarriage (one of which was a week ago). Just praying for one more. So enjoy those four little boys. How precious!!!


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