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TEE- GAP // JACKET- Forever 21 // LEGGINGS- Nordstrom // BOOTS- Nordstrom // HAT- Target // EARRINGS- N&S Matte Gold (large) 
Things are moving quickly around here- I forget how busy Septembers are. For everyone! I'm sure you are feeling the crazy now too with school starting, sports starting, extra meetings, and work projects ramping up for Fall- it's just crazy. At the end of every day right now I'm amazed at how many thing happened since that morning- it's such a shift from my former life! 
When I only had one baby I remember it was so hard. I was home with him which was great, but life was so SLOW. I didn't know how to fill my time, he napped and I did what? No one was around making messes, my husband worked a ton and it felt like no one else around me was in my exact stage of life. I definitely felt like I was on an island. And I remember moms with more kids telling me to enjoy it and that eventually things would be so much busier. How right they were!
Life just gets busier and I can see that it won't slow down. I'm grateful for it though. I love the life we are creating and living with our kids and the only way to breathe through the craziness is to make sure the right things are still getting attention. We've started a habit of reading scriptures and praying, at least with Easton, every morning before school and we do the same as a family before bed. I make sure I pick up Easton from the bus stop everyday and I try to hear meaningful things about his day at some point. And above all I'm really trying to have a positive attitude and more patience most of the time. I know that as mom I set the mood in the house most of the time so if things are nuts and dinner is something frozen, if we are all at least smiling and patient with each other, the right thigns will be remembered. 
What are your tips for helping yourself and your family stay happy and enjoy life through the busyness of life? 


  1. I love your perspective on what really matters. I have 2 more days home with my 2 month old (baby #4) and I'm cherishing the slow days while the older 3 are at school and daycare. I know things are going to reach a new level of busy next week and while I love it, I'm also sad that means the baby won't get as much attention. I find the hardest part is when I let the house go to enjoy more quality family time it eventually starts to stress me out. It feels like a never ending cycle. Next week I'm going to work on specific times for IG (like only when I pump), blogging (after bedtime which means I may need to skip days and that's ok), and chores (while hubby does bath). I'm hoping by having those set times I can give my kids my full attention and not be trying to multitask.

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