Everyday Style- Early Fall

JACKET- Forever 21 // TEE- GAP // SKIRT- GAP (old) // SHOES- Thrifted (similar) // EARRINGS- N&S Pebbled Black large

JACKET- Target // TEE- HMK // PANTS- Loft // SHOES- Nordstrom // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Silver large

HAT- Nordstrom // TEE- GAP // CARDIGAN- Old Navy (old) // PANTS- Asos // SHOES- Old Navy // Phone Case- Nordstrom // EARRINGS- N&S Signature Silver large

DRESS- Stitch Fix // CARDIGAN- Target (old) // SHOES- Nordstrom // BAG- Thrifted (similar) // EARRINGS- N&S London Tan Cut Out large

TEE- GAP // SHIRT- Target // JEANS- Stitch Fix // BOOTS- Nordstrom // EARRINGS- N&S Navy Baby large

TEE- Thred Up // JEANS- Loft // CLUTCH- HMK // SHOES- TJ Maxx (similar)

It's finally Fall here in Kansas City. I'm loving transitioning from Summer to Fall and finally pulling out cooler weather pieces to mix in with my Summer clothing. I don't hate Summer, but Fall colors, textures and accessories are my thing. Get ready to see less gray and black and more jewel ad Fall toned colors!

We've spent our week shipping orders from our Nickel & Suede Fall release, working on decorating the nursery and my bedroom, and preparing for a local N&S event tonight. If you haven't checked out the N&S Fall collection- do it. I'm so proud of our photos, products and everything about this Fall release. The nursery and my bedroom are coming together and I'll be sure to share the end results. Things started out so badly (especially in our master bedroom) that it will be a fun transformation to share. And last of all- if you are local, come to our event tonight. Over the last six months we've stopped having N&S parties, so this will be the first time you can shop our products in person in a long time. The details are below and I'd love to see you there!

I hope you have a great weekend planned! XOXO!

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