Comfy Camo - Maternity Style


TEE- Loved by Hannah and Eli // LEGGINGS- Nordstrom // SHOES- Nordstrom // JACKET- Forever 21 // WATCH- Jord // CHOKER- old // SUNNIES- Forever 21
You may know that before the blog and Nickel & Suede, we had an Etsy shop called ONE little BELT. It was my first business and creative venture as an adult and so many good things came from it- including this blog! Way back in 2012, I was looking for ways to grow OLB and really, to sell more belts. A good friend, who was already blogging, suggested that I start a blog to help promote ONE little BELT. I really hesitated. I knew how much time she put into blogging and I was scared to put myself out there as an authority about anything. What did I have to say that anyone would care about? And how could I start when it seemed like everyone and their dog had started a blog? What would I blog about? What would I name it? 
But within a few days of considering it and mulling it over, I decided I would go for it. Soren had always called me "little momma" as a term of endearment so it was a perfect fit to just mirror the business name and go with "ONE little MOMMA". My friend and I worked together and we built out a simple little Blogspot blog. And so it began. I've thought about changing the name several times over the years, but when it comes down to it, I'm a momma first, so ONE little MOMMA has stuck. 
And while I don't always wear my titles or my heart on my sleeve, today I've made an exception. I've been in love with camo for years now. Go ahead and search camo over on the side bar and it will pull outfits from almost the very start of my blog. And olive is my go-to color right now- so when Loved By Hannah and Eli sent me this camo Mama Bear tee- I put it right on. I'm really happy working from home and running errands in soft graphic tees, leggings, slip on sneaks and a jacket at this stage of pregnancy. Especially if that tee has my favorite title on it. 
PS- Later tonight you can enter to win a $50 credit to Loved By Hannah and Eli on Instagram- so be sure to hop on and enter!

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