Where to Shop for on Trend and Affordable Maternity Clothes


DRESS- Nordstrom // VEST- Old Navy // WATCH- Jord // CUFF- N&S // EARRINGS- N&S Black Woven (large) // SUNNIES- Forever 21

I've been pregnant a few times before, but the market for maternity clothes changes so much within even a few years. Not to mention clothing styles change and my personal style has evolved as well. More than ever before there are stylish maternity clothes available and lots of options to wear on-trend pieces throughout all nine months of pregnancy. For the first few months of pregnancy I just purchased jeans and tops that were a size bigger than my normal size, but at this point I'm definitely wearing a lot of maternity pieces. Today I'm sharing my favorite places to shop for maternity pieces and my favorite pieces so far this pregnancy . I'm sure you've seen me wear a few of these and you'll continue to see them for at least the next 12 weeks. 

First up- where I've been shopping. My favorite places are thankfully many of the places I already shop! I realize there are a lot of maternity specific retailers out there, but its nice to be able to shop at stores I already love and where I know what I like. 

Old Navy- This was my go-to for previous pregnancies, but I have actually shopped here less this time around. I like how their under the belly skinny Rockstar Skinny Jeans fit, but many of the tees I've found are a little too matronly or frumpy. I've done better by shopping the women's section and sizing up and shopping their accessories section. 

Gap- Gap also has a pretty matronly maternity section. But I do love their basic tees! In the past their denim has also been good to me. 

H&M- I love looking here for on trend pieces for a great price. I've picked up printed knit pants and joggers, a lace blouse and graphic tees here. Their basic maternity tees fit small so if you try them, be sure to order up a size or two. 

Asos- Asos is great for really on trend, stylish pieces. I love their dress selection and really, it's hard to go wrong anywhere in their maternity section. 

Topshop- Topshop is where I bought my maternity swim suit. I love that they carry really on trend maternity denim- including overalls. Plus their free shipping both ways makes it really easy to order and try things on. 

Nordstrom-This maternity section can be more expensive but it's great for investing in basics. This is the perfect place to pick up higher end denim and fitted dresses. I have also shopped their non-maternity section for loose blouses and cardigans that still work with a belly. 

Loft- Loft's maternity section is great to shop on sale- (which it is today! 40% off!) I love my denim from there and their dresses and tops sections also have a pretty good selection.

Stitch Fix- Stitch Fix has been on of my unexpected favorites this time around. I'm so glad they came out with maternity this last year! I've loved seeing what maternity items they have access to- because they shop vendors that aren't available to the public. It's been so nice to get at least one new maternity dress or top each month to add to my rotation. I think Stitch Fix has been even better to me pregnant than before!

ThredUp- This online thrifting site has been great for browsing gently used maternity items. Sometimes maternity is really hard to thrift for in person, but ThredUp has access to so many more pieces that they have a pretty good selection.

And now for my favorite pieces that I've purchased or want to purchase for this pregnancy. 

I'd love to hear where you have had success shopping for maternity clothing. Feel free to leave questions or recommendations in the comments so this post can have an even more comprehensive list!


  1. I'm currently 5 months pregnant and follow your blog/IG, ave seeing how much you rave about stitch fix I decided to try it out. I got my first maternity fix yesterday, and I can see why you love it! :)

  2. Did you just go up one size than normal in this dress? It looks great!

  3. Hello! i am currently 3 months pregnant and wondering about sizing a bit. Do you just size up with the dress and the leggings? Or they are stretchy enough on your regular size? Thank you!


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