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 DRESS- Stitch Fix (similar) // JACKET- GAP // SHOES- Nordstrom // WATCH- Jord // BAG- Nordstrom // EARRINGS- N&S Smooth Putty (large)

This weekend Soren and I tore apart our house from top to bottom in hopes of reorganizing and finding more space. We've been busting at the seams for a while now and it seems like every few weeks we tear apart a closet or a room and purge and reorganize. It was a big job, but now that things are finally put back together- the house definitely feels better. We might last a few more weeks in this house after all! ;)

The parts of the house that I worked on this weekend were the kitchen cupboards and drawers and closets that hold all of my craft and sewing supplies, the kid's school and art supplies and the pencil/pant/markers/misc. drawers. All of those spaces were such a mess! While I was going through all of the broken crayons and miscellaneous papers, I found a lot of old notebooks of mine. I found more recent ones that details to-do lists for Nickel & Suede and the blog, older ones that talk about ONE little BELT and my goals for that Etsy shop, and then REALLY old ones from college. All of the notebooks were a great reminder of where I've come from and how things have changed in my life over the last seven or eight years. 

My college notebooks that detail everything I ate and how I felt about it for weeks at a time. I've mentioned before that in college I studied Nutrition and during that time I was also going through an eating disorder. I am so grateful for the people and things that helped me recover from that struggle in my life! I can't imagine what life would be like if what I ate and when I ate it was still what I felt like documenting and stressing about everyday. It was certainly time consuming and I much prefer the things that consume my time now!

It was also great to look at notebooks from a few years back when I was just starting my blog and when I was working so hard on starting up my ONE little BELT Etsy shop. I knew so little about blogging and social media and owning a business! But I have loved everything about the process of learning it all. I certainly don't know everything, but I know that having things to learn and something to motivate me outside of being a mom has really helped me continue to grow as a person and built my confidence.  

I'm not much for journaling regularly, but I do think its important to brain dump and write out thoughts and to-do lists regularly. Those kind of records have been serving as a journal of sorts for me and are definitely worth holding onto. 

Do you have notebooks that you journal or write in regularly? 

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