Sports Mom Duties with OxiClean

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by OxiClean through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about OxiClean Stain, all opinions are my own.

This year has been our first experience in the world of kids’ sports. None of our kids had played before, but we jumped right in with Easton playing soccer and baseball- in overlapping seasons. Soren played baseball all growing up and I ran and did ballet. But being the parents of a little athlete was a new experience for both of us. And we both loved it! Soren helped coach both teams and I was on snacks, cheer leading and uniform duty.

Ah, uniform duty. Now that I'm a soccer and a baseball mom (with no end in sight), uniform duty is my job for a long time to come. And laundry is not my strong point- just ask my husband. But one brand that I have relied on for years to help me pick up the slack is OxiClean. I've always used the spray on baby food and poop stains, on my white jeans and the kids' clothes- but recently I've started to use OxiCean Versatile Stain Remover and OxiClean White Revive. And neither have disappointed.

Our soccer uniforms were white this year and between the muddy Spring we've had and after game snacks- Easton's uniform wasn't lacking for stains. And his baseball pants were light enough in color that they showed all kinds of grass stains and more mud. Both OxiClean powders worked really well to treat individual stains and then brighten and whiten the overall uniforms.

Our seasons are both over for Summer, but we're already looking forward to the Fall. I think we'll stick to just one sport at a time, but I'm sure we'll be practicing both baseball and soccer and working toward Fall and Spring seasons. And with a few secret laundry weapons, I should be able to keep up with the stains that come along with them.

What are your best tips for having kids in sports? How do you make things run smoothly and fun for everyone?

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