Fall Starts Now?


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School is back in session today here in Liberty and we now have a first grader in the house. Easton and Kesler are two years apart in school so Kesler still won't start Kindergarten until next year. (Hallelujah!) I was feeling a little stressed about school starting, but we had Back to School Night the other night and it really relieved all of my anxiety. I love his teacher already and I was reminded of how many awesome teachers and staff work at our elementary school. Easton will have so many wonderful women looking after him during the day that I'm not worried at all. He will be just fine. 
I also feel better having had a special family night last night where we talked about some of the challenges that can come with school with Easton and Kesler. We talked about difficult school work, other kids being bad examples and the ways that Satan will try to teach Easton new things while he is away from us. Those new things may come in the ways of bad language, pornography, dirty jokes or stories and bullying. We really focused on making sure he knew what he could do while he is out of our house to help him avoid the bad things and know what is good- meaning pray and ask for guidance and good ideas. He is such a good boy that I know he'll do well and I know God will look after him and teach him while he isn't with us all day long anymore.
And with the start of school- we also get a new life schedule. I'm excited for the fresh start for the whole family and the families that work for us. Summer is great, but I've got ten weeks 'till baby comes so we gotta get some work done! 
If you have a Kindergartner starting school for the first time I wrote a post last year with a few tips for adjusting this new season of life. And if you find you are struggling with it this week or in the weeks to come- this post might help you feel a little more normal. 
When does school start for you? What are your best tips for a great start?


  1. Wow, you already talk to you sons about the dangers of pornography? That is awesome! Much respect!
    More moms and dads need to talk with their kids about that stuff! I've always loved this blog but now I love it even more!

  2. Thank you for being a real momma with us! Your boys are so blessed to be raised in your home. It was our 1st day back to school today. I have a 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th grader and a freshman in college. Love your blog!


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