Crochet Cross Body and Blush


TEE- GAP // JEANS- Asos // SHOES- Old Navy // BAG- Nordstrom // SUNNIES- J Crew Factory // EARRINGS- N&S Nude Cut Outs (large) // CUFF- N&S // BRACELETS- Pure Vida // WATCH- Jord c/o
Summer and work at home life and pregnancy have carved out a little Summer uniform for me and it includes this tee- everyday. It may be in a different color, but my GAP Pure Body maternity tees are basically the only shirts I wear. You've probably noticed. In my defense they are the nicest and best fitting basic maternity tees for the price and so I own at least 8 of them. This coral color is on of my favorites, but white and gray are big winners too. I'll definitely keep wearing them just as much for the next twelve weeks, but I can't wait to start adding layers to them to mix things up a bit more!
Today we find out which teachers our kiddos are getting for the school year and Thursday is Back to School night. I have such mixed feelings about school starting, mainly because I still only have one going to school. I read Jen's Hatmaker's post about school starting again and although I identified with some of it, I'm also grateful I didn't identify with all of it. I love having my kids home with me. Easton is such a good big brother and his little brothers will miss him desperately when he is gone all day again. I hate how little I see him during the school year and days off of school are such a treat. How does he feel about starting school again? He says he's excited- but mainly I know that is because all K-2 graders at our schools get their own iPad minis this year. It sounds like a bribe to get them to come back- no? However- he does thrive in school and homeschooling is not an option for me. I just have to go through the mourning phase of the first few weeks of school and then focus on Kesler's last year at home with me. Don't even get me started on the mourning that goes along with that!
How do you feel about school starting again? Why is it so hard to let kids get bigger?


  1. Looking great as always. Love your casual style.


  2. Is it too personal to ask why homeschooling isn't for you?? I bet you'd be a great teacher!

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  4. It is bittersweet to start a new school year. In some ways it is refreshing to have new beginnings and see them getting bigger, growing in the direction we want (begrudgingly) for them to move towards. It is also just plain fun to do those nostalgic things we all did, like buying new tennies and jeans and all those school supplies! But it also means less freedom, as a family, to do the things we relish doing together and have so little time in doing, and it means more structure and routine, which many of us probably need after 3 months off, anyway.
    Either way you look at it, it is change. And good or bad, change can be difficult. I am Thankful for living in the Midwest and having seasonal change to help guide these life transitions we go through year-after-year and to help us find fresh perspective each season. Good luck to all the little school-goers and their parents:)


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