Why I Shop at Nordstrom and Anniversary Sale Picks

The big news in the fashion blogging world is that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today for cardholders. It opens to the public next week on the 17th. I've only recently become a card holder and I have the debit card rather than yet another credit card. And if I've done a good job of accurately portraying myself here- you might be wondering why I'm excited about the Nordstrom sale. So I'll tell you. 
To be honest- I never used to shop at Nordstrom- unless it was for boots. I was (and still am) and die hard Target, Old Navy, GAP and thrifting shopper. I still buy shoes at TJ Maxx and purses at random gas stations- because the right look for a great price is what matters to me. I'm not crazy about brands unless the brand has the right look or quality. I pride myself on being an affordable blogger and someone who shops for things that are within the reach of most women. And Nordstrom carries plenty of items that I don't, can't or won't afford- BUT for me, there are some other huge benefits to shopping there. 

1. Free shipping both ways. The more I work and the more kids I have, the less time I shop in-store. I shop online all of the time and nothing hurts more than paying for shipping either way. Not to mention the difficulty of shipping items back. But Nordstrom makes it SO easy to stick unwanted items back in the box- fill out one little return sheet and hand the package back to the mailman. 
2. Higher quality items. Nordstrom actually carries a wide range of price points and quality points, but I feel like much of the time I am purchasing items that are  higher quality than Old Navy or Target. The older I get, the more tired I am of how badly Old Navy's tees fit or how soon Target's sandals fall apart. I still shop at both of those stores, but I like balancing out those cheap items with slightly higher quality ones. (That being said- Nordstrom's quality has left me wanting before- which is another reason to love the free return shipping. It's easy to try something and send it right back if it disappoints.)
3. On trend sales. The Anniversary Sale is the time in the year that I actually get excited to shop at Nordstrom. The new, fresh, on trend items for Fall (the best season to shop for!) are on sale. I love seeing what is coming in the next few months and buying a few on sale pieces to save for Autumn.
So with that being said- here are my favs from this year's sale! Shop now if you have a card- or sign up here. Or get your list ready for next week!


  1. Oooo! Thanks so much for sharing these! I'm bookmarking away for next week!

  2. I just ordered those Dolce Vita boots in the cognac color. They got a good review (love that Nordstrom posts reviews so quickly too) and I figured if I didn't love them (which I would have to), I'll send them back since it's free returns.


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