Sunday Style- Feeling Good


 DRESS- Stitch Fix Maternity // SHOES- thredUp // BAG- Nordstrom // EARRINGS- N&S (Brown Cut Out-large) // CUFF- N&S // WATCH- Jord

As a style blogger, I'm constantly looking at photos of myself and scrutinizing them as I decide which to share and which to delete. It's not the fun part of the job, because I am my own worst critic. And I'm pretty nice to myself, but as someone who is constantly striving to improve and do better- I get frustrated with myself most days. 

So it is SO NICE when photos pop up that make me feel good. Unusual- but SO NICE. Usually most of the photos we take are outtakes and full of awkward poses, bad lighting, dumb faces or glares. But this week- the photos all turned out great. I felt good in this dress when I wore it- but it did feel a little tight so I was somewhat self conscious in it all day. But looking at photos now, I'm so happy with how I wore it. And the lighting in the photos. And my poses. I did good! And sometimes you just need to pat yourself on the back. So today I'm patting. Good job Kilee.

What are you hard on yourself about? How do you find ways to give yourself some grace?


  1. Stunning!!


  2. Gorgeous! And such a pretty dress. Happy Sunday :)

  3. Super cute pictures! :) I feel you on the Fashion photos of blogging. It can make or break a day!


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