Long Pixie 360- Update


Hey there! Just popping in here on the weekend to share my recent pixie 360 photos. I'm so flattered by how many requests I get for photos of the back or the sides of my hair. You guys are the nicest. And I realize it's hard to see my cut in normal outfit photos- so here ya go. 

This is at the growing out stage of my cut and because we're going on vacation, I'll be going in next week for a trim. But essentially what I tell my stylist is that I want to keep the length in the front on the left side and that I want the right side just barely past my ear and cut to sweep backwards. The back I like stacked and cut so that the asymmetrical sides blend. We also have started shaving the very bottom of the back up about 3 inches because that area grows so much more quickly than the rest of my hair. If we shave it I can avoid a mullet in the weeks in between cuts. 

As far as colors goes, I'm still coloring it myself and constantly go back and forth between wanting it really blonde and wanting the roots to be darker. Some days I wish I could just bleach it all platinum and then other days I think I might take a dark color to it. Thoughts?

Have a great Saturday and I hope this helps at your next appointment!


  1. Such a cute haircut. I'd love to see your hair platinum!!! Just go for it, try it! Hair grows back pretty fast, so you wouldn't have to live with it for too long if you really end up not liking it. You can always go darker and don't even need to dye your hair permanently for that. But platinum would be really brave!

  2. I think you should try more blonde. You have the cutest style!

  3. So cute. I am the same way. Some days I want platinum blonde hair all over, other days I want the rough roots and the dark chunks. I personally am planning to put more dark in, and I love your hair color(s) ;-) right now!

  4. Love it...which is why I literally took your picture to my hair stylist and said " DO THIS!" Maybe you should try going more platinum for the summer and then in the fall you could try going darker? :) I lightened my up a lot when I got it cut like yours and I really like it. I think with short hair, it looks great with a couple different colors mixed in too...gives it more depth. You think? :) (Instagram: @naomicarp)


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