Imperfections of Motherhood

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by AVEENO® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about AVEENO® all opinions are my own.

This year I'm coming up on three years of blogging. And so much has changed since I started. We've added a third, and almost fourth, kid as well as starting a business and in general we have just grown in all kinds of ways. One of the best effects of blogging for me personally, can also sometimes be the worst. The outlet of posting and having this community with you, has given me more confidence and self acceptance than anything else in my life. I've really learned how much I value and want to share authenticity. It’s important to me to be real, but also positive and uplifting- not perfect. BUT, as a blogger it’s hard to escape the perfection that is everywhere in Blogland and on social media. For all of my confident days, I definitely have my comparison days and my- should I really share that?- days. 

As I've mentioned being pregnant has brought out plenty of insecurities of a changing body- including my varicose veins. They are the worst outer effect of pregnancy that I have and boy, are they evident. One of my legs has a giant vein that starts at my knee and climbs my thigh- it's so gross.  Toward the end of pregnancy they get really uncomfortable but in the past and in general they have just been really embarrassing to me. I usually avoid wearing shorts during pregnancy and dresses that show them. But this time around I've decided to quit hiding them. They aren't going anywhere- and honestly- I'm too busy to be stressed about it! I've got babies to take care of, a business to build and it's Summer! It's hot! 

I don't love my veins, but I'm not going to hide my legs. Do I use self tanner or spray tans? Yep. Do I keep my skin hydrated with my favorite lotion? Yep. Do I try and work out and have a little muscle tone? Yep. Will I have those darn veins removed someday? Definitely. But until then varicose veins are part of my normal pregnancy and the process to add more little ones to our family. My legs will never be perfect- so I just work on taking care of what I've got and choosing to make my happiness something besides how my legs look. 

I've posted about my self tanner, and myworkout routine (or lack thereof), but AVEENO® DAILY MOISTURIZING SHEER HYDRATION LOTION is another part of helping my skin look and feel healthy. Lotion keeps my tan lasting longer, helps with itchy pregnant skin and my skin just feels smoother. I really dislike oily lotion, but this AVEENO® DAILY MOISTURIZINGSHEER HYDRATION LOTION goes on and feels like a powder. 

I'm all about being happy in my skin right now and taking care of it- even if it won't get back my pretty veins or pre-motherhood legs. And I wouldn't want those legs back- because these ones are the ones that have done all the work and keep me moving forward. 


  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing! Hurray for women's imperfections! And happy, healthy babies!

  2. Honestly - I didn't even notice your vein as I looked at the photos! It wasn't until I read the post that I went back up and then I noticed it. It's not even close to as bad as you think! It just goes to show how the things we feel are most obvious are sometimes not.

  3. I have a crazy varicose vein on my left leg from 2 pregnancies! One day that sucker is getting removed. I love how open you are Kilee! Because I totally hide that thing like my life depends on it. Thanks for being bravely you.


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